Letters to the Editor

Charlotte Pride is just protecting message of love by excluding pro-Trump group


Charlotte Pride has right to avoid hate

In response to “Isn't Charlotte Pride about inclusion?” (June 13 Forum):

I agree – supporting the president is not a reason for exclusion from an LGBT event. However, supporting a president who has packed his cabinet with unabashedly anti-gay politicians and activists is a pretty painstakingly obvious reason to be excluded from said LGBT events. No one is stopping “Gays for Trump” from organizing their own, pro-Trump pride event, because that is their constitutionally protected right. Yet, it is also the right of the organizers of Charlotte Pride to disassociate themselves from supporters of an administration filled with vocal opponents of LGBT rights. The First Amendment gives us the right to express our opinions freely – but it doesn’t mean anyone else can be forced to tolerate, accommodate, or respect those opinions.

Kevin Cammarn, Charlotte

Comey showed us he deserved firing

The one thing we learned from the James Comey testimony is that he is a seasoned member of the establishment Deep State that is committed to undermining Trump. He also verified, by his actions and attitude, that he needed to be fired. Let’s hope that his firing is only the beginning. These swamp creatures and hold-over leakers are not only undermining Trump, but democratic society as well.

Brian Bobenage, Charlotte

Trump’s making empty threats

The former FBI Director is an honest and trustworthy whistleblower, not a leaker. If President Donald Trump and his lawyers really believe he committed a criminal act of leaking information, the Justice Department should promptly bring charges or seek to impose other sanctions. It boils down, plain and simple, to “put up or shut up.”

Dumont Clarke, Charlotte

Did Trump demand ego strokes?

In response to “Who loves him more...” (June 12 charlotteobserver.com):

Did the president call a cabinet meeting so cabinet members could sit there one by one and praise Trump’s accomplishments? His questionable accomplishments aside, he has made this great nation the laughing stock of the free world. His “accomplishments” are shameful. I ask the GOP to condemn his inexplicable behavior.

Herb Stark, Mooresville

Progress requires concrete ideas

In response to “Has Project LIFT been a success or failure?” (June 11):

Dr. Ophelia Garmon-Brown and Arthur Griffin read the same data but reach different conclusions. I go with the doctor. Griffin just complains with no specific suggestions except to expect more.

Arthur, I’m thankful for those providing funding and working to help those students from poor, troubled homes. If you want improvements, make more specific suggestions than simply advocating for higher standards. It’s just not that simple, as you should know.

Robert D. Culbertson, Charlotte

Mayors can’t control homicide rates

In response to “GOP’s Smith blasts Democratic Mayor Roberts...”(June 9):

I do not agree with Republican Kenny Smith that Mayor Roberts should be held accountable for resolving the uptick in homicides (crimes), and neither should the next mayor. What can they do? Keep raising taxes to hire more officers? No matter how many officers we hire it cannot address the domestic issues and drug problems that are causing the new acceleration.

Police officers are not social workers! Bottom line, broken families and broken people create undesirable outcomes. However, I do applaud the news of having officers on foot patrol in high risk neighborhoods.

Megan Wilson, Charlotte

Use your manners at graduations

With a heart full of pride I attended the Sun Valley High School graduation yesterday. During the event I was reminded that we as a nation are fortunate to have use of tools needed to learn and grow into a responsible adult – if we elect to use them. Unfortunately, I was also reminded that we have become a nation of rude, inconsiderate people. The cheers and whistles when a graduate’s name is called are understandable as that is a very exciting moment for many of us. What I cannot understand or condone is the continual conversations going on throughout the arena as the speakers on stage were sharing their memories, encouragement and call to action for our graduates. What has become of manners and respect for others?

Debra Ferguson, Matthews