Letters to the Editor

ACA was open and public, GOP bill should be too

Secrecy must end on GOP health bill

As a 62-year old African-American woman, I’ve been able to successfully treat my serious diabetes with the consistent care made possible by the Affordable Care Act.

Flora Jean Busby
Flora Jean Busby

After losing my job in 2009, I was without health coverage for two years and had several dangerous incidents that required ER visits.

The secrecy of the Senate’s deliberations to replace the ACA disturb me.

Almost one in three Americans have a pre-existing condition, nearly one in four receive Medicaid.

Passage of the ACA was an open and public process. Passage of any bill to replace it should be, as well.

Flora Jean Busby, Charlotte

No evidence of Trump collusion

Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore

So let’s review... James Comey said three times that Trump was not under investigation for collusion with Russia. Now, Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller says Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice.


There has been no evidence produced that there was any collusion on Trump’s part!

Kathleen Moore, Clover, S.C.

Republicans failed to tighten up gun laws

In response to “Shooter targets Republicans at a baseball practice” (June 14):

Congressman Rodney Davis stated “I never thought I’d go to baseball practice and get shot at.”

I am certain the children of Sandy Hook Elementary and their teachers never thought they would go to school and get shot at.

Twenty very young children died, along with six of their teachers! Twenty! Those children’s lives had barely begun.

Where were the Republicans when their families requested tighter restrictions for gun ownership?

Debra Comstock, Charlotte

As a Democrat, D.C. shooting horrifies me

Debra Efird
Debra Efird

As a staunch Democrat who opposes most of the Republican agenda, I am horrified, sickened and ashamed by the injuries to Rep. Steve Scalise and others.

I believe all leaders in D.C. choose to serve because of a desire to improve our country, though they may interpret or express the means in different ways.

All Americans should find it unacceptable when the safety of our government leaders is threatened by partisan politics.

Debra Efird, Harrisburg

Nasty rhetoric started with Gingrich

Dewey P. Rochester
Dewey P. Rochester

Corrupt, destroy, failure, incompetent, intolerant, pathetic, traitors...

These are a few of the words that Newt Gingrich urged people to apply to their opponents in a 1996 GOPAC memo.

Now Gingrich is blaming the left for divisive and foul language. The bad rhetoric started with him.

Dewey P. Rochester, Charlotte

Flabbergasted by McHam’s release

In response to “Accused murderer goes on the lam” (June 16):

What in the world was Superior Court Judge Bob Bell thinking when he released a murder defendant on bond?

There are two people “out of control” in this insult on the justice system! Ricco McHam has been arrested 16 times, for goodness’ sake.

If and when they apprehend him, my recommendation is that both he and Judge Bell be locked up!

Mark Kressler, Midland

Tying 9/11 and racism is just wrong

In response to “A former Panther paid for her degree. Now she’s using it to teach history – but with Twitter and lively (sometimes NSFW) commentary” (June 14):

Does Elexus Jionde really want to imply that 9/11 is a white holiday? Does she know that people of all races were killed that day?

Teaching black history is one thing, but trying to tie 9/11 to racism does not work.

Mike Sloop, Charlotte

At CMS graduation, I saw hope, potential

Within the past several days CMS has graduated more than 9,000 seniors.

At one of the ceremonies, where my grandson received his diploma, pride, joy, optimism, and potential filled the arena. I sensed that future great accomplishments, service to society, and good citizenship paraded before me.

Despite all the bad news these days, here was a hopeful look at America’s future. Congratulations to all graduates and to CMS.

Neil Williams, Charlotte