Letters to the Editor

Charlotte Squawks is an equal opportunity critic

Charlotte Squawks takes on everyone

In response to “Charlotte Squawks is leftist propaganda” (June 21 Forum):

My husband and I enjoyed another season of Charlotte Squawks. I’m sorry Forum writer Cyndi Caldwell was offended and viewed it as “leftist propaganda.” The show is cleverly written satire, lampooning topics ranging from the Charlotte craft beer industryto the CMS student assignment plan. Ms. Caldwell must have overlooked the jokes about Mayor Roberts and the other Democrat mayoral candidates, Ann Clark and yes, Hillary Clinton.

In case Ms. Caldwell hasn’t noticed, our president’s antics continue to provide countless fodder for comedy writers. I’m thankful to live in a country where we can laugh at our leaders and not be hauled off in the middle of the night... as least for now.

Catherine Bumgarner, Huntersville

Kaepernick was a bad employee

In response to “The shunning of peaceful dissent” (June 20 editorial):

Regarding your editorial concerning Colin Kaepernick’s dissent, you are missing a critical point. Certainly he has the right to express his opinion on any subject, but not by stealing someone else’s venue. The team is not his, the stadium is not his, the TV cameras are not there to view a political protest and neither are the fans. He was being paid a great deal of money to follow team rules and protocol.

If I were a team owner, I would not consider signing him unless he made a public apology and agreed to follow the rules going forward, including standing during the national anthem.

Thomas Bloom, Gastonia

American Airlines employees, be careful

In response to “Thousands of American Airlines flight attendants...” (June 21):

As a professional seamstress who is in constant contact with fabrics, I found American Airlines’ lack of concern for the safety of its employees shocking! Just because the uniforms are made in Texas doesn’t mean the fabric is as well. Most likely, the fabric is imported from another country where the standards of safety concerning dyes and finishes are far below what is set here in the United States. To all employees wearing these uniforms, please stop! Chemical allergies are nothing to take lightly. Don’t wait until the damage to your bodies is too far along. Those uniforms were probably ordered because the bid for the job was lower than others. Shame on you American Airlines!

Kristine Fisher, Charlotte

AA uniforms could harm passengers, too

In response to “Thousands of American Airlines flight attendants...(June 21):

As a longtime frequent flyer on American Airlines, I am very concerned about the toxic staff uniforms and their effect on anyone exposed. The crew is exposed daily on the job, which is terrible, but let’s remember the passengers as well. The air quality of a sealed system aircraft must be carrying these toxins to be ingested by all passengers and crew.

Due to these well-publicized concerns, which the airline has minimized, my husband and I recently chose accordingly. Although American has nonstop flights between Charlotte and Rome, Italy, we chose Lufthansa instead. Think about your own health when flying.

Pepper Hair, Charlotte


Special elections reflect well on Trump

In response to “Trump's coalition roils elections ...” (June 18):

Now that the Democrats are 0-4 in special congressional elections, there are a few lessons to be learned.

First, if this election was a referendum on Donald Trump as it was portrayed, then Trump won decisively. Just listen to the crowd’s reaction when Karen Handel mentioned his name.

Second, it’s time for Republicans to quit acting like they lost the election and govern like they won. You have the House, the Senate, and the White House. Implement Trump’s legislative agenda, let your results match your rhetoric for the last eight years, and give people like me a reason to vote for you again, otherwise we’re going to vote for whoever challenges you in the primary.

Charles Eller, Davidson

The Democrats can’t stop losing

In response to “Trump's coalition roils elections in ...” (June 18):

Democrats must be getting really dizzy, constantly spinning their election defeats into “victories.” Instead of spinning, they should spend their time listening to what the voters said.

Tim Dautel, Charlotte