Letters to the Editor

‘Republican’ isn’t a synonym for ‘Trump supporter’

Please use political labels carefully

In response to “Trump backers hold sit-in at Starbucks after staff mocks woman in Trump T-shirt” (June 27):

Dear Charlotte Observer,

Please do not use the word “Republicans” when referring to “Trump supporters.” Many of us never were and never will be. The honorable and distinguished party of humble statesmen Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan should not be maligned by the temporary rise of the current president.

Jonathan Burgess, Boone


I saw the streetcar flop coming

In response to “Streetcar fails to bring development boom” (June 26):

If you and the establishment paid any attention to us community-concerned dummies out here, you’d have known the streetcar wouldn’t “bring development boom.”

Instead, we pled to the closed minds of our know-it-alls on the City Council. We didn’t need another silly edifice to their misguided divine rule. We certainly did not need one that makes most drivers, and especially motorcycle and bicycle riders, very uneasy by forcing them to negotiate tricky streets that will injure them lightning fast.

It also doesn’t take an economist to see that hundreds of millions of dollars have been and will be sucked out of the economy by another losing boondoggle that really hurts the local economy.

Mel Morganstein, Charlotte


We have no reason to doubt Robert Mueller

Accusations are flowing from the White House and from others, that perhaps James Comey and Robert Mueller are scheming together against President Trump. I don’t think either of these men are dumb enough to do that. In fact, both have proven to be pretty smart, ethical men. Time will tell whether or not the rumors about Trump colluding with the Russians are true. If they are, and Mueller and Comey know it even now, wouldn’t they be foolish to jeopardize their case by covertly holding hands? Let’s allow all the investigative committees and Mueller to do their work without these unfounded accusations. If there’s something there, they’ll find it. If not, perhaps the administration can get back to governing the country.

Harvey Cohen, Charlotte

Will religious freedom apply to all?

In response to “States must aid some church programs, Supreme Court rules” (June 27):

Many people are applauding the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that a church in Missouri has the right to obtain public funds for improving its playground. Will those same people applaud when a mosque applies for and receives funds from the state?

George Evanoff, Midland

Roy Cooper never stood a chance

Governor Roy Cooper has been a lame duck governor since the day he was sworn in. With veto-proof majorities in the state Senate and state House, Cooper isn’t going to be able to legislate any liberal agenda.

The only reason he was elected was the short sightedness of many independent voters who were wringing their hands over the bathroom law and the toll road issues on I-77 that were accomplished under Gov. Pat McCrory.

This whole Cooper administration is basically a waste of time, as he will have little to no accomplishments during the four years of his tenure. He will need to govern as a conservative Democrat (what an oxymoron that is…), who only proposes legislation that has the majority of the state’s population and welfare in mind. Elections have consequences, as they say. Checks and balances work!

Marty Pearsall, Mint Hill

Tax cuts aren’t worth the harm

I am a wealthy man, who may benefit from the tax cuts proposed as part of Obamacare repeal. But I assert it is a treasonous abomination that those benefits should be gained by throwing millions of my fellow citizens off insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid, abandoned to bankruptcy and death. Every man, woman and child should have unhindered access to the same quality of medical care I can afford, regardless of what they can pay. Health care should be, and is, a human right, and a prime duty of any nation that wants to call itself civilized, or Christian. That’s what I pay taxes for – along with other services that benefit the public good. It may be that God has blessed me with this (unearned, inherited) wealth for just that purpose.

Martin K. Smith, Durham