Letters to the Editor

No need for Citizens Review Board to go over Keith Scott case again

Don’t play politics with officer’s life

In response to Our View “Public gets another look at Keith Scott case” (June 29 Editorial) and related articles:

Augie Beasley
Augie Beasley

I wonder if the Citizens Review Board is playing politics when it says there is enough evidence for a full hearing?

From what I’ve read and heard on the news, Officer Brentley Vinson acted responsibly. The officer feared for his life. And studies have shown that eyewitness testimony is not accurate.

I agree citizen review boards are necessary, but in this case no hearing is needed. Officer Vinson did his job. Lift this cloud from him or Charlotte may lose a good police officer.

Don’t play politics with the life and reputation of a good man.

Augie Beasley, Charlotte

Judge Trosch’s party switch a big mistake

In response to “Local judge says he didn’t leave Republican Party – the party left him” (June 29):

No, Judge Lou Trosch. The Republican Party’s foundation is still: our inalienable right through our creator, our Constitution of “we the people,” peace thru strength, and free enterprise.

At one time that was also the Democratic Party’s belief, but that is dissolving.

Their guiding principles seem to be “we the government supported by higher taxes to sustain a growing impersonal bureaucracy,” weakness thru appeasement, socialistic government by regulation, and parasitic initiative-crushing welfare.

Judge, you joined the parade headed toward the downfall of democracy.

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

Merit selection of judges works fine

In response to “Should N.C. continue to elect judges?” (June 26):

I practiced law in South Carolina for 30 years and merit selection of judges worked fine.

Kenneth Young
Kenneth Young

Lawyers provided written input to the Judicial Merit Selection Commission and all could contact legislators to comment on candidates. It was certainly better than “election by yard sign,” fundraising, etc.

My only concern is that the current N.C. legislature is so polarized it is like the Sunnis and Shiites. If legislative leaders Phil Berger, Tim Moore and Sen. Dan Bishop will slash the N.C. Attorney General’s budget solely because he is a Democrat, or shrink the Court of Appeals by three judges because they don’t want a Democratic governor filling vacancies of retiring justices, would they listen to an impartial merit selection panel?

Kenneth E. Young, Charlotte

To win, Dems must support equal rights

In response to “To win seats, Dems must rethink platform” (June 25 Forum):

Nominating Democrats who don’t support equal rights for all wouldn’t “balance” Congress because those voters are already sold on the GOP.

Andrea Lorenz
Andrea Lorenz

If Democrats work on fighting voter suppression and nominate more people of color, they will win in 2018.

Eighty-eight percent of African-Americans voted against President Trump and his regressive agenda, while fewer than half of white people did.

Let’s focus on the savvier of the two groups, and hope the rest of America eventually comes around to believing that everyone deserves an equal chance at “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Andrea Lorenz, Charlotte

Focus on president’s cyberbullying

Since eliminating cyberbullying is one of Melania Trump’s top projects as first lady, could she at least start with her husband? His conduct is disgraceful.

William D. Charnock, Charlotte

These Trump critics live in glass houses

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough are the latest examples of why the old adage “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” was coined.

Mr. Trump’s main Twitter account has 32.4 million followers. Does any “news” program come close?

Jonathan Hoin, Charlotte

President’s tweets have huge impact

President Trump the amazing counter-puncher! He enters the ring with the majority cheering for his opponent. Gets called a schoolyard name. Sucker punches the referee. Gut punches himself repeatedly. Then whines the whole event was rigged, unfair, and the product of fake news.

The biggest loser – the audience.

Lee Fluke, Charlotte