Letters to the Editor

Why give tax cuts to Knights and Panthers instead of me?


Tax cuts for Knights and Panthers unfair

In response to “Tax breaks would mean big savings for Panthers, Knights” (Aug. 5):

Interesting to read on the front page of the Observer that the General Assembly will be debating a bill that would give a huge tax break to the Panthers and the Knights, ostensibly because the teams have been paying taxes on land they do not own but are just leasing. We recently leased a Toyota vehicle and were disagreeably surprised to learn that we had to pay property taxes on a car that we did not own. So where is the bill forbidding the auto companies from doing this? Or is the General Assembly only interested in fattening the wallets of the wealthy and letting the small fish fry? Talk about double standards.

Alan Singerman,


More screening for our candidates

In response to “Mental health exams for all candidates” (Aug. 7 Forum):

I would certainly agree with Larry Vogt about requiring mental health exams for all candidates. But there is more we should learn from recent experience.

In addition to passing a mental health exam, candidates should not be allowed on any ballot until a full financial disclosure package is provided, and until they can answer all of the questions on the Naturalization Test administered to applicants for citizenship.

Being unwilling or unable to allow voters to understand sources of income and existing business relationships should disqualify an individual from running for public office. And every candidate for office at any level of government should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of basic civics. Had we required these things in the last election, we would have been spared international distraction, turmoil and embarrassment.

Suzanne Villar,


Correctional officers deserve good training

In response to “Will faster training help protect prison officers?” (Aug. 4):

One week orientation for N.C. prison guard recruits, then straight into the lion’s den? That seems like sending a military enlistee directly to the front lines of a combat zone. This is obviously a tough and stressful job, and these individuals deserve much better and more extensive training long before they enter the gates.

New Jersey, Virginia, and California have training periods of 10-14 weeks, which makes much more sense. It’s good to learn that North Carolina is finally taking steps to correct this situation, and we owe these individuals, like the military, thanks for what they do.

Tom Hunter, Concord

Shame on UNC Board of Governors

The UNC Board of Governors’ recent decision to suspend the Center for Civil Rights’ ability to litigate is made in direct opposition to the mission statement of UNC and the spirit of North Carolina. As an incoming law student at UNC, I am disheartened and disgusted.

The son of a Forsyth County farmer, and a first generation college graduate, I placed tremendous emphasis in choosing a program that represents my ideals and aspirations. By disengaging the Center for Civil Rights, the BOG is neutralizing its appeal to incoming students and faculty.

The Center for Civil rights has served as a champion of disadvantaged communities, like the one I was raised in. In maiming the center, the BOG has silenced our program’s ability to say “Thank You” to the communities that have raised us.

Chastan Swain,

Chapel Hill

Immigrants aren’t stealing our jobs

In response to “Trump showing guts on immigration” (Aug. 6 Forum):

Mr. Harrington’s rationale for limiting immigration – competition for jobs and welfare benefits – is not supported by facts. Job openings have increased from 4 million in 2013 to 6 million in 2017. Undocumented immigrants use a tiny fraction of welfare benefits. Americans, who are almost all immigrants, are not “working hard to support immigrants;” rather we need immigrants to Make America Great Again.

Dale W. Saville, Charlotte

Drag queens and children don’t mix

In response to “Charlotte business welcomes drag queen to host kids’ story time” (Aug. 5):

Four-year-old children do not need to be exposed to the very adult world of drag queens. Period. End of story (time).

Lissa Tipple, Charlotte