Letters to the Editor

Trump is standing up to North Korea


Trump’s just standing up to N. Korea

In response to “Trump threatens ‘fire and fury’ against N. Korea” (Aug. 9):

Donald Trump’s threats of “fire and fury” against North Korea may be the way to wake up this madman and dictator Kim Jong Un. The Korean People’s Army dream is to develop and use a nuclear weapon to destroy an American city. Senators Diane Feinstein and John McCain don’t understand sanctions and security council meetings just don’t work with this lunatic. Nobody wants war, but President Trump won’t let a nuclear warhead take out an American city.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Trump is firing dangerous rhetoric

In response to “Trump threatens ‘fire and fury’... ” (Aug. 9):

“Fire and fury.” Does the president think he’s playing a video game? I’ve never heard such dangerous rhetoric in my life. Does he not know any history? Threatening “Power the likes of which the world has never seen.” Does he realize that what he says can have huge consequences? We all have reason to be scared. The president seems to be untethered from reality.

Barbara Kahn Roseman, Indian Land

Where’s the small business support?

In response to “Beer distributors poured cash into N.C. campaigns” (Aug. 8):

The political roadblocks limiting production imposed on North Carolina craft brewers is shameful. Republican leaders Phil Berger and Tim Moore love to publicly champion small businesses in our communities and markets. Privately, smoke-filled rooms and corporate campaign contributions stifling true competition rule the day. They are indeed doing the work of those that paid them. Cheers!

Allen Crawford, Charlotte

I’m disappointed in this politician

In response to “A vindictive Charlotte mayor?” (Aug. 8 Opinion):

This government official has recently been described as vindictive, not collaborative and thin-skinned. There have been few significant accomplishments during the tenure of this individual. Eminently qualified government officials have been removed from their posts and replaced with less qualified individuals for no clear reason. Personal and party loyalty are rewarded while qualifications and experience are ignored.

Who are we talking about here? Nope, it’s not Donald Trump. It’s our very own Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

Charlotteans are tired of pettiness and incompetence. We expect our elected officials to work together and govern jointly. I don’t know yet who will get my vote in the next mayoral election, but I can tell you who will not get my vote.

Charlotte deserves real leadership!

Anne Gildea, Charlotte


Ed Driggs deserves better treatment

In response to “A vindictive Charlotte mayor?” (Aug. 8 Opinion):

I have known Ed Driggs and his family for 15 years. Ed’s background, his education, and his career demonstrate that his qualifications far exceed those that his position demands. But, Ed’s qualities do not stop there. He is pensive, honest, sensitive, balanced, giving, helpful – and a good guy to boot. To see the petty treatment and actions exhibited by others convinces me that our city’s system is in the hands of far less qualified individuals leading us away from the common sense solutions this city needs to thrive and grow.

Grafton Withers, Charlotte

Don’t confuse single-payer with VA

In response to “Single-payer health care isn't the answer” (Aug. 4 Forum):

Why is it that single-payer is often confused with VA healthcare? Mr. Clark explained that healthcare is privately owned and administered under a single-payer system. It simply removes the bureaucrats that aren’t providing health care, from receiving one out of every five healthcare dollarsspent. Medicare costs 3 percent to administer, private insurance costs 20-30 percent, so they can make a profit? Insurance companies haven’t been able to negotiate reasonable drug costs. We need cost-savings! We can pay our private doctors and hospitals, just like our seniors, have choice and save money. Insurance companies siphon money that could cover the uninsured. Single-payer is the only viable solution.

Michelle Carr RN,