Letters to the Editor

Amazon HQ2: Don’t let Carolinas’ border divide us

Amazon’s a big fish, land it with S.C.’s help

In response to “Charlotte wants to be home to Amazon’s $5B second HQ” (Sept. 8):

I believe this is a great opportunity to leverage the power of this region and work together to land a top-tier organization to this area.

Tom McQueary
Tom McQueary

Instead of working against each other like two other cities I’ve lived in – rivals Kansas City, Kan. and St. Louis – let’s partner with our neighboring counties to sell this area and let Amazon decide which plot of land is best. If it’s in Rock Hill or Fort Mill, so be it. There is still plenty of benefit to be had for the area.

Continuing to be a growing and thriving region will involve more working together. Otherwise, we’re doomed to be the next St. Louis or Kansas City – stagnant.

Tom McQueary, Charlotte

It’ll take charges to change Wells Fargo

In response to “After scandal, claims of sales pressure linger” (Sept. 3):

The “culture” at Wells Fargo is an ongoing criminal conspiracy. When the bank created fake accounts and sold unnecessary auto loan insurance to unknowing buyers, they conspired over a period of years to steal. That is a crime.

Until Wells Fargo personnel are charged criminally, the “culture” will remain the same.

Stephen Jones, Charlotte

Seeing glimmers of greatness in Trump

In response to “Obama offers accolades, advice in farewell letter to Trump” (Sept. 3):

President Obama’s parting letter to President Trump was very gracious and clearly intended to be helpful.

Bill Brannon
Bill Brannon

However, instead of being grateful, Trump trashed Obama at very turn and spoke time and again of the “mess” he left in Washington, in spite of the fact that the nation’s economy was strong and getting better.

While President Trump’s gross rudeness probably exceeds any other president, he shows signs of greatness and should be given our cooperation and much more time to see how he handles the many problems we have at home and worldwide.

Bill Brannon, Davidson

Some faith leaders disappoint on DACA

Some in the faith community have been silent on a national level on DACA. Their lack of support for the rejected is disturbing.

Michael Cox
Michael Cox

I seem to recall their laying of hands on the president to help guide him. Some of those same ministers have yet to lend a hand to the strangers we are to welcome.

Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr., Rev. Franklin Graham, Rev. Joel Osteen and other nationally known Christian leaders, are you willing to preach, teach and reach what we are reading in the Bible?

Or do you have another copy of God’s word?

Michael Cox, Charlotte

Trump isn’t to blame for DACA dilemma

For those that want to blame President Trump for everything, please remember that President Obama and the Democrats had two years to pursue immigration reform and chose not to.

Obama put the DACA program into place knowing it was illegal, as only Congress can change immigration law.

Facts just do not seem to matter any more in today’s hateful environment.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

End Electoral College and demote Trump

President Trump’s big league batting averages: DACA – .000; health care – .000; clean air protection – .000; clean water protection – .000; and the list goes on.

What to do? For starters, send him back to the minor leagues and disband the Electoral College!

Herb Stark, Mooresville

Finish I-77 with general purpose lanes

In response to “Do you support the ‘complete and delete’ plan for I-77? If so, say so” (Sept. 3):

Connie Evans
Connie Evans

Public input on the I-77 toll plan was lacking and is still being ignored.

Safety issues abound, while accidents, injuries and deaths occur. Schedules revolve around traffic. Time is wasted in congestion.

Taxpayers views must be heard by NCDOT – after years of neglect in the Lake Norman area. The solution is to finish the road and give us the general purpose lanes we need.

Connie Evans, Mooresville