Letters to the Editor

Clinton should accept full responsibility for 2016 loss

What happened? Clinton was flawed

What happened? Give me a break! Most Americans already know what happened: Hillary Clinton lost because she was a flawed candidate who demonstrated a propensity to lie and was unable to articulate a rationale for her candidacy.

John Perugini 2017
John Perugini

Instead of blaming her loss on everything under the sun, she should have accepted full responsibility and shown some class by exiting the political stage with the dignity expected of senior political leaders.

She can still show some class by donating proceeds from her book to charity.

John Perugini, Waxhaw

Greed drives influx of illegal immigrants

If a wall is built on the southern border it will not be for security. It’ll be the Trump Memorial Wall – his monument to himself.

If you really want to stop illegal immigrants the solution is so simple it’s ignored: Stop hiring them!

These people come to work. They want to send money back home to a hungry family. They don’t come for welfare, food stamps or free medical, as some would have you believe.

E-Verify is in place. The only excuse for hiring illegal immigrants is greed.

When people realize they can’t work here illegally, they’ll stop coming and the border patrol can finally concentrate on the real bad guys.

Rick Wingate, Mooresville

Towing party line is all that matters

Americans have quit questioning the rhetoric behind what politicians say they’ll do and what they really do once they have our vote.

Mary Ann Evanoff
Mary Ann Evanoff

Candidates spend a lot of money finding out exactly which buttons to push in which city to get peoples’ votes. It seems getting into office and toeing the party line is all that matters.

We must wake up to the truth that all the problems facing our country are on us. We voted and followed blindly behind politicians who talked big, but didn’t carry a big stick.

Mary Ann Evanoff, Midland

Make teaching a valued profession

In response to “What happened to 5,000 CMS 3rd-graders who failed reading test?” (Sept. 14):

In my humble opinion, education and discipline begin in the home.

Discipline and order in the classroom is the main reason private schooling runs circles around public education.

Maybe raise the teaching degree bar a bit higher. Make the teacher pay scale a decent wage, make it a sought-after, valued profession. Cut politically correct restrictions on teachers’ ability to demand order in the classroom.

I know; easier said than done.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Students need right tools, so provide it

The writer is a former New York teacher.

Why do teachers have to spend their own money to supply items the school district should provide for students?

Everybody is afraid their taxes are going to rise, but if you want to provide students with a good education, they need the tools to work with. We would not want our public servants, police, firefighters, or armed services to not have the proper equipment. So why do we expect this of our children?

Joe Weil, Waxhaw

Beware of the truth on sea level rise

In response to “Real estate industry blocks sea-level warnings” (Sept. 15):

When our leaders and an industry try to hide truths, people suffer.

For example, the president has rescinded a requirement on infrastructure development to factor in sea-level rise. Yet, his coastal golf development in Ireland formally requested that a sea wall be built to hold back the sea due to climate change-induced sea level rise.

Those buying coastal property may want to do some research from reputable sources.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Another dose of disrespecting the flag

In response to “Kaepernick shows how to be a better American” (Sept. 9 Opinion):

Jim Cherry Crop
Jim Cherry

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has lost respect of many fans by not standing for our national anthem. Football folks just want to enjoy a Sunday afternoon game after a hard week’s work and not another dose of disrespecting our flag. Kaepernick needs to be a better American by standing for our national anthem and not bringing politics to a sporting event.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte