Letters to the Editor

Trump creates the illusion that he’s accomplishing things

Trump isn’t fulfilling campaign promises

In response to “I admire Trump’s display of audacity” (Sept. 18 Forum):

It stuns me that some people believe Donald Trump has kept his campaign promises. Has Mexico sent us a check for the wall? Was China labeled a currency manipulator on day one? Has Trump been working to “bind the wounds of division” by bringing us together? Has the swamp been drained?

The greatest cons are the ones where the victims remain clueless that they have been taken. I will give Donald Trump really high marks for that ability.

Barry Jordan, Charlotte

Universal health care is the way to go

Yes, paying for a national health insurance plan is clearly a key issue.

So let’s start the discussion. Take a minute to add up what you currently pay for health care. You pay premiums, deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance.

And that’s only for services your policy covers. Not covered? You pay 100 percent.

What are you really paying for? Stockholder dividends for for-profit insurance companies whose overhead costs and profits average 12-14 percent.

Compare this to the 2 percent overhead costs for Medicare. That’s a lot of money in our current dysfunctional system that can go to paying for a system that covers every citizen equally.

Linda Gallehugh, Charlotte

We should allow speech on all sides

In response to “Another dose of disrespecting the flag” (Sept. 15 Forum):

Jim Cherry makes a valid point about the disrespect shown to the country by Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. His point, however, also runs contrary to the valuing of freedom of speech that forms the foundation of this country. We live in times where the loudest and most shocking people get all of the media attention, where Marxist “activist” groups like Antifa turn peaceful protests into riots, where universities are no longer safe to present an opposing point of view.

America has the strength to allow Kaepernick his 15 minutes. America also has the right to change the channel. But under no circumstances should we feel it necessary to squash someone’s right to their free speech. That would simply be ... un-American. And it’s certainly not what our service men and women have fought and died for.

Raymond Moore, Concord

Robert F. Salvia

Let’s be clear on the First Amendment

For the past year, in the Forum and Sports pages, people have written expressing their agreement or disagreement with Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the national anthem. Nearly all have accepted the “Kaepernick Groupthink:” he’s exercising his First Amendment right of free speech. Legally, it doesn’t matter one bit whether or not we like his speech.

The problem is that the First Amendment only applies to governmental action.Since he’s neither a government employee, nor is a government employee trying to force him to stand up, his is unprotected speech. Parents, take heed. Your children may believe their social media posts are protected. They’ll learn they are not when they are rejected by potential employers who disagree with what they have written.

Robert F Salvia, Sr.,


Economics fuel illegal immigration

In response to “Greed drives influx of illegal immigrants” (Sept. 15 Forum):

Mr. Wingate is right; “If you really want to stop illegal immigrants ... stop hiring them!”

Many illegal immigrants risk their lives to come here. They will not be deterred by a wall.

Mandate the universal use of E-Verify. Set the punishment for employers of forfeiture of any assets associated with undocumented workers, coupled with the highest fine permissible. By eliminating employers’ financial incentives, we can not only stop illegal immigration but motivate Congress to pass a sensible immigration law – once we find out that most are not “taking jobs from Americans” but doing jobs Americans won’t do.

Will Robin, Hickory

Charity triathlon deserved better

In response to “Local triathlon drops Trump name from event after political backlash” (Sept. 16):

I am appalled at the shallowness of contestants who dropped out of the “Tri at the Trump” triathlon in Mooresville raising funds for kids with cancer, and those who just try to destroy the event that helps children in need, just over their petty dislike for Trump. In my opinion, there is no reason to disparage any person or event that results in hurting children, whether you are a liberal or any other type of person.

Bob Mays, Charlotte