Letters to the Editor

I’m proud that our president is putting America first

Trigg Cherry
Trigg Cherry

Proud of Trump putting America first

In response to “Trump threatens total destruction of N. Korea” (Sept. 20):

Benjamin Netanyahu eloquently tweeted about Trump’s U.N. speech that it was the most courageous he has heard in 30 years. I am so thrilled to have a president who is unapologetic about being American. I’m beaming with pride after his statement “I will always put America first.” By putting America first, he’s put the rest of the world on notice that we won’t back down and we won’t be pacifists in the face of lunatics like Kim Jong-Un. Well done President Trump!

Trigg Cherry, Charlotte

Why remove prayer from City Council?

In response to “Mayor pauses practice of pre-meeting prayers” (Sept. 20):

“In God We Trust” is proudly displayed on our currency. We proclaim we are “One Nation Under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance. Politicians promise to discharge the duties of their office by saying “so help me God” when taking an Oath of Office. But now, as a lame duck, Jennifer Roberts has removed God and prayer from City Council meetings. God forgives her, but He sheds a tear!

Ken May, Charlotte

Laura Reich
Laura Reich

GOP just wants a win on health care

I find myself once again horrified that the Senate is trying to pass a “healthcare” bill that is anything but that. Republican senators are ready and willing to play with the lives of millions of Americans in their quest for a win. The Graham-Cassidy bill gives block grants to states to give their citizens health care.

If a state decides people with pre-existing conditions don’t need to be covered so they can keep costs down, fine. Can women be charged more just for the crime of being a woman, sure! What about older and sicker people? They can be charged whatever. And since not everyone has to have insurance the young and healthy will not balance out the older and sicker which mean premiums will be unaffordable to many.

Trump campaigned on “we will have better and cheaper coverage and everyone will be covered!” This is not it, not even close.

Laura Reich, Matthews

What about those new monuments?

During the recent conversations about removing Confederate monuments, Vice President Pence made the memorable statement that rather than taking down existing monuments, more should be erected.

Well, rather than erecting more Confederate monuments, how about researching and locating as many places as possible in Southern states where blacks were beaten, lynched and shot and then erecting monuments in honor of those victims.

Bonner Mills, Mount Holly

Virginia Brien

An idea to address climate change

Although partisan voices get more airtime, the 56 member Climate Solutions Caucus (28 Democrats, 28 Republicans) points to growing bi-partisan support for economically-viable options to address climate change. Significant mitigation could come from a national, revenue-neutral carbon fee that would place a predictable, steadily rising price on carbon. All collected fees, minus a small administrative cost, would be returned to our households as a monthly energy dividend. Many studies show that such a plan could reduce carbon emissions 50 percent while adding 2.8 million living-wage jobs to our economy. This market-based approach would reinforce many other climate solutions that are already underway.

Virginia Brien, Charlotte

Universal health care is the best option

As a person who was born and raised in Canada, I (and my family) lived under Canada’s single payer system. Like all other universal coverage systems, it is far cheaper, covers more people, is much less restrictive than our current system and no one goes bankrupt due to catastrophic health care costs. On the negative side, you may have to wait longer. But if you truly need immediate service, you are pushed to the front of the line.

No system is perfect. But it is a sin that this country with all its wealth and Christian values accepts that millions live without coverage, tens of thousands of families go bankrupt every year, thousands die needlessly, and all for the sake of corporate profit.

Reed Shaddock, Charlotte