Letters to the Editor

Don’t be fooled, the new travel ban is just another Muslim ban

Stand together against ‘Muslim ban’

In response to “Muslim advocates, legal org file suits over travel ban” (Oct. 2 charlotteobserver.com):

Last year, I taught a class of North Carolinian Jewish teens Pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous poem, “First they came for the socialists,” written under Nazi repression. My students agreed that if they rewrote the poem today, it would start, “First they came for the Muslims.”

The president’s new Muslim Ban does not fool us: It is yet another attempt to stereotype communities of color and perpetuate the idea that refugees, Muslims and immigrants are dangerous. But there’s no justification for hate and discrimination against a whole religion. We will not be silent while the president tries to divide us. Jews across North Carolina must stand with activists of color – from Defend Durham to the Charlotte Uprising – to resist all forms of white supremacy and anti-Muslim bigotry.

Sandra Korn, Durham

Too much fuss over Cam Newton

Hard to believe that so much print, radio and TV time can be squandered on Cam Newton’s innocuous comment. If this is what our society elevates to the level of serious discussion, how will it ever survive in the real world?

Frank Prestopino,


Glad Cam’s sexism was called out

In response to “Newton’s sexist comment to Observer reporter wasn’t funny” (Oct. 5):

In remembrance of Tom Petty and one of his biggest hits, and in the acknowledgment of a great reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, all I can say is “never back down.” I am proud of your response and not “laughing” it off, which would have just justified the original comment as humor. It’s not.

Women know football. Women know business and any other field that traditionalists say is a “man’s” domain. Just look at university enrollments. Women are on the rise and it’s about time. Thank you for publicly denouncing this behavior, and I hope it opens the eyes and minds of those who still cling to their archaic beliefs.

Luke Woodward, Concord

We can’t ignore Trump’s tweets

In response to “Time to ignore president’s tweets” (Oct. 2):

Forum writer Dave Loughran’s suggested method of ignoring President Trump’s attention-seeking tweets is a good theory, but that only works with class clowns, not bullies. President Trump’s tweets can and have had significant negative impact, including the possibility of starting a war. Citizens continuing to ask tough questions and monitor important events may help President Trump re-focus on the country instead of himself.

Andrea Braswell, Charlotte

NRA forces polarization on guns

In response to “Grief in Las Vegas as clues sought in deadly rampage” (Oct. 4):

Probably 90-some percent of all guns should be legal in the U.S. No one needs military grade automatics or kits that make semi-automatics into automatics, guns intended to kill huge numbers in a short period. I believe that strict background checks should be enforced, even on private sales (NRA opposes). I believe that people with mental illnesses and people on the no-fly list should not have access (NRA opposes); that the ATF should be fully funded to enforce these laws (NRA opposes). I also believe that there should be a national computer database of all sales so that guns can be tracked (NRA opposes). I think that makes me pretty mainstream.

But the NRA says you’re either for all guns or against all guns, so to them I’m an anti-gun, Second Amendment hater. As long as the NRA promotes these extreme views, and our politicians go along with it, most Americans will be stuck with no say in the matter and no representation.

Phil Evans, Huntersville

Lack of compromise on guns is killing us

As a middle of the road, independent voter, I lament the loss of innocent life at the hands of yet another crazed gunman. Even more troubling, however, is the all or none position of both mainstream political parties. “Hands off all” views versus “ban them all” has gotten us nowhere. Why can’t politicians sit down and have a reasonable discussion regarding gun laws and accessories without resorting to polar opposite political views? People on both sides of the political spectrum continue to fall victim while our elected officials dig in their heels apparently fueled by PAC money interests.

Tom Lewis, Charlotte