Letters to the Editor

Shame on S.C. representatives for suggesting monument to black Confederate soldiers

S.C. reps’ horrible monument idea

The axiom stupid is what stupid does has been confirmed. The South Carolina legislative proposal to erect a monument honoring the service of Southern blacks in the Civil War cause is beyond tone deaf. It defies reality.

Ellsworth C. Salisbury, Charlotte

We have to unite against Trump

It’s more than entertaining to watch the Republican Party start to implode and begin to eat their own. Senator Bob Corker’s recent labeling of the White House “an adult day care center” was spot on. It is sad to see a veteran and tested politician such as Corker subjected to the bullying, eccentric and demeaning behavior of Donald Trump.

Republicans and Democrats must show support for the brave souls who have had enough of Trump’s ravings and are willing to call him out. Without a united effort, we may be sentenced to Trump’s lunacy for the remainder of his one term.

Larry Vogt, Mooresville

Trump should focus on important things

While thousands of structures – schools, hotels, restaurants, and houses – burn to the ground in Sonoma County, the leader of the free world talks about his high IQ, name calls a sitting senator, and threatens the NFL. But no matter – he has no base in California and he didn’t carry the state.

Shannon Mitchell,


I served in the Navy to support freedom

When I enlisted in the Navy in 1966, it was not to worship the flag. It was to support the freedom for which it stands, including the freedom to dissent.

David Preston, Charlotte

Will NFL owners back their players?

Now that Roger Goodell has acceded to Trump’s demands, what will the owners do? What will the players do?

Owners say they support their players. If they do, let’s see them use some of their riches to work for social justice and equality in the judicial system. Imagine if each contributed a good portion of their millionsto support depressed communities, much like Michael Jordan has done. The players do community outreach, which has largely been ignored by the critics of the protests. Do the owners contribute as much? I’d like to know.

Kent Rhodes, Charlotte

What will owners do if players don’t obey?

Roger Goodell makes a good point in his letter to the owners. In a letter to the players, I would encourage them to simply walk off the field in a sign of solidarity. Let’s try playing the game with the African-Americans protesting. Perhaps it can be an owners bowl. I hope Roger Goodell is not going to follow the lead of our president.

Tom Addison, Charlotte

Burying power lines isn’t practical

In response to “It’s time to bury Charlotte power lines” (Oct. 9 Forum):

The idea to bury power lines comes up every few years, normally in the wake of an ice or severe thunderstorm causing widespread power outage. I seem to remember the N.C. Utilities Commission looked into the feasibility of burying all existing above ground power lines several years ago. The idea was quickly abandoned after a study revealed it would take over 20 years and customers’ rates would more than double.

John Bowling, Charlotte

Hollywood glorifies gun violence

The one thing more dangerous than hypocrisy is hypocrisy that promotes an agenda.

The NRA invests in teaching gun safety, responsible gun ownership and usage, and promoting strong enforcement of gun laws. Much of Hollywood, television, and video game makers make billions of dollars glorifying illegal gun usage and promoting extremely graphic, gory, and very realistic gun violence, much of which is marketed to our easily influenced youth. Yet, which group is vilified?

I encourage those that are so viciously attacking the NRA to discipline themselves to learn the truth about the organization, its history, its values and purpose.

Edwin Saint Sing,


The broken record on gun violence

Let’s watch videos of the massacre.

Let’s discuss how many guns he had and where he bought them.

Let’s interview victims’ families and friends.

Let’s put down dozens of flowers, candles and prayers.

Let’s watch our president make a fool of himself despite the tragedy.

Let’s figure out why he did it.

Let’s realize yet another horse has escaped from the barn and we’d better close the door again. Too late.

Let’s not solve the real problem.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte