Letters to the Editor

Show some compassion in cases like Contreras’

Apply immigration law humanely

In response to “The life she built here for 17 years is about to end” (Oct. 12):

Some may defend the deportation of Norma Contreras by saying, “the law is the law.” To do so requires suppressing the natural feelings of compassion that arise in this case for a family torn apart and for our community deprived of a worthy individual.

If we allow the voice of compassion to be stilled, we will become a society based on enforcement and characterized by fear.

Instead of following the letter of the law against the blameless and defenseless we could adopt a more judicious and humane application of it.

Laws make a city more orderly and secure, but enforcing them is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Thomas Cole, Charlotte

Bethea responsible for his own heartache

In response to “Is justice for poor a privilege or a right?” (Oct. 11 Feedback):

This op-ed piece exemplifies what is wrong in our society today.

Personal responsibility has become a thing of the past, with every consequence of a bad decision being undeserved and someone else’s fault.

Rahman Bethea made a bad decision when he decided to steal electronic devices and components. Every unfortunate incident that followed was a direct consequence of his original bad decision to steal.

It is irrelevant that before the theft he had a clean criminal record; he chose to commit a crime and was caught. Mr. Bethea is solely responsible for his own heartache.

Autumn Grimaldo, Charlotte

Cut taxes? Who’ll pay for these disasters?

How can we possibly be talking about tax cuts with four catastrophic natural disasters to pay for?

That’s like having four huge unexpected household expenses and telling your wife it’s fine if she quits her job now.

The only plausible outcome is massive new debt.

Linda Berne, Charlotte

Jordan donation a drop in the bucket

In response to “Michael Jordan gives $7M for medical clinics in Charlotte” (Oct. 9):

Glad to see Michael Jordan give $7 million to establish medical clinics. However, this amount is a drop in the bucket compared to taxpayer funding for the Hornets.

Isn’t it time for the Observer to publish a complete list of public fundings for the Hornets and Panthers, starting with the first gift when both teams were being formed?

Please include a list of federal, state and local tax breaks that both teams and their owners receive.

Don Reid, Charlotte

Pruitt is pushing a Dirty Power Plan

I find it highly ironic that EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced the plan to withdraw the Clean Power Plan in a Kentucky town named Hazard.

Since this administration came into power, each day has become increasingly hazardous to the physical health of all U.S. residents and to the mental health of those of us concerned about our earth’s future.

Especially horrifying is the removal of sensible regulations addressing climate change. Will Pruitt’s new EPA rule earn the name “Dirty Power Plan”? Have we had enough of this administration’s contempt for the environment yet?

Debra Efird, Harrisburg

Trump stymied by his own teammates

Donald Trump is a total outsider who refuses to conform to the way things have been done for decades.

The “good ’ol boys” on the right are just as put out with him as their soulmates on the left, therefore the American people who elected Mr. Trump will not see his agenda fulfilled.

Democrats fight among themselves but keep their disagreements “in-house.”

Naive Republicans air their laundry in the open, providing scrumptious fodder for the ravenous, biased, mainstream media.

Donald Trump is fighting a valiant, fruitless battle; his teammates are betting on the other side.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Watch who you’re calling ‘Liddle’

In response to “Trump mocks Corker, denies undercutting Tillerson” (Oct. 11):

Whoa, Donald, now you’ve gone way too far. I, Short Sheila from Charlotte, barely reach 5 feet, and my husband, Big Bob, is a whopping 5 feet 7 inches.

Sheila Peltzer, Charlotte