Letters to the Editor

Health of N.C. citizens at risk; Burr, Tillis must jump in

Protect N.C. citizens from Trump’s plan

It is immoral and a disgrace that the president is deliberately sabotaging the current official national health care plan, putting at risk the health of millions of citizens in 2018.

Congress must make sure low-income patients can continue to afford health care. The current health plan should be supported until such time as a replacement is set up.

Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr – do your job to protect the health of N.C. citizens.

Abby Jordan, Cornelius

Undocumented woman broke the law

In response to “The life she built here for 17 years is about to end” (Oct. 12):

My wife is a “documented” immigrant here legally. It makes us both angry to see things like this, where people cheated the system and now we’re supposed to feel sorry for them.

If a person committed murder 17 years ago, went into hiding, and then lived as a model citizen, would you defend that person saying they should not be arrested when found? No!

What Norma Contreras did was illegal and now she is receiving the consequences for her actions.

Yes, it is sad that she is being uprooted from her family and community. But it was her choice to do what she did and she had 17 years and many opportunities to correct it. She chose not to.

David Keen, Charlotte

Tax reform benefits highest earners most

I read and hear Republicans trying desperately to paint their tax reform as a cut for middle-class taxpayers and small businesses.

The real facts are that the highest incomes will benefit more.

My question is: Why any tax decrease for the least taxed? Why not return to the progressive rates that actually made this country great in the ’50s and ’60s?

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

Some try to thwart Trump at all costs

Some of the Republican senators should be taken out behind the woodshed and given a good thrashing.

These spoiled brats are more concerned about job preservation than backing our president and making America great again.

Sens. John McCain, Susan Collins and Bob Corker are “RINOs” and so ugly politically that it would make a freight train take a dirt road.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Try working with other countries

Make America Great Again: Try diplomacy.

Lynn Harris, Rock Hill

Freedom of speech has two sides

One of the great privileges Americans have is freedom of speech, which, like a coin, has two sides. The other side is the freedom not to listen to or witness free speech.

That freedom is violated in the current NFL context, where advertisers and paying ticket holders are contributing financially to support the NFL’s unwarranted freedom to abuse the alternative and equal right.

I invite anyone with the will and means (I’ll be glad to chip in) to take this argument for our American freedom of speech to court, even the highest court, in order to insist on protecting everyone’s freedom of speech on both sides!

Rob Roy McGregor, Harrisburg

Trump must defend First Amendment

Donald Trump sternly denigrates NFL players for their protests, which he falsely interprets as insults to our flag, yet he unambiguously defends white supremacists’ protests.

He incredibly advocates that players should be fired for their protests.

But there’s more! He now advocates rescinding the licenses of media outlets that he feels report “fake news.”

How many more examples of a demagogic president must we endure? When will he begin to preserve, protect and defend the First Amendment?

James Ragaini, Charlotte

Make pedestrian bridge iconic symbol

In response to “City looks at pedestrian bridge over U.S. 74, I-277 interchange” (Oct. 9):

I hope the proposed pedestrian bridge over U.S. 74 and I-277 will be funded, for I can see it would be a plus for Charlotte’s image. Designed properly, it can become an iconic symbol.

Connecting Little Sugar Creek Greenway to the rest of the Cross Charlotte Trail is worth the money.

Many people will complain that the funds should be spent elsewhere, but this project would make the city friendly for urban living and increase the tax base.

A city needs positive images; this would create one. If designed properly, it could become like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Augie Beasley, Charlotte