Letters to the Editor

Trump’s speech at Values Voter Summit disrespects LGBTQ Americans

Trump disrespects LGBTQ Americans

President Trump spoke to the Values Voter Summit on Friday. When I lost my son to AIDS 30 years ago I made a vow to speak out whenever I heard or read anything denigrating gays because Tim was a fine son and taught me so much about accepting differences. During his 10 months in office, Mr. Trump has crossed the line separating decency from obscenity many times. But his addressing this group, the first sitting president to do so, is, to me, the most flagrant foul of his time in office, because of the damage he’s done to good people like my son and our LGBTQ friends. Has he no shame?

Roger Strand, Cornelius

UNC leaders need a lesson in integrity

In response to “'Student-athlete', died Oct. 13, 2017. RIP” (Oct. 15 Opinion):

To: UNC Chapel Hill Board of Trustees and Chancellor Folt:

You have disgraced this fine university by choosing athletics over academics.

You should all be made to write the definition of integrity one thousand times on a blackboard and to take an ethics course. You owe an apology to the student body and alumni, and your resignations should follow!

George Reilly, Gastonia

Take action against systemic oppression

In response to “The problem for women? It’s men” (Oct. 14 Opinion):

Issac Bailey has it right. The problem for women is men. It is systemic misogyny. Male privilege.

Sounds exactly like systemic racism, doesn’t it? White privilege. If we don’t see it, we are all fools. If we see it and don’t try to do something about it, we are complicit.

Judi Howe, Cornelius

Simple steps for concerned men

Instead of avoiding one-on-one meetings with women, men who are worried about accusations of sexual harassment can follow these simple tips for working with women: 1) Don’t rape them; 2) Don’t ask them for sexual favors; 3) Keep touching to professional handshakes; 4) Don’t comment on their physical appearance; 5) Don’t talk about other women as sex objects. You might find this difficult, but it should help you avoid most sexual harassment.

If you want to take it to the next level, call out other men who you observe not following these tips. Finally, there are many articles, books, podcasts, etc., about behaviors that make women uncomfortable in the workplace. Seek them out and learn from them.

Kristina Thoennes,


Trump supporters are the ‘RINOs’

In response to “Some try to thwart Trump at all costs” (Oct. 16 Forum):

It is more than curious, and wrong, for Forum writer Jim Cherry to call Sens. John McCain, Bob Corker and Susan Collins “RINOs.” These three have been Republicans longer than Donald Trump, who was once a Democrat. Trump has no clear agenda or political philosophy, and his base’s policies are neither similar to Ronald Reagan’s nor the historical Republican agenda. Trump supporters are the real RINOs.

Dewey P. Rochester,


I’d like an old-school Halloween

In response to “Halloween displays send wrong message” (Oct. 10 Forum):

Kudos to Phil Cooley. Maybe I think some displays are really over the top because I’m an old lady. Some are too scary to look at. Children must think grown-ups are nuts. It’s supposed to be a fun, free candy day, but yards with tombstones and bloody hands are not fun. Let’s go back to sweet witches and carved pumpkins.

Kay Paul, Charlotte

NRA unfairly blamed for Las Vegas

In response to “Supporting a bump stock ban won’t slow the NRA” (Oct. 15 Viewpoint):

As a member of the NRA, I admit that I don’t agree with all they stand for. But blaming them for the Las Vegas tragedy is short-sighted. Auto makers build fast cars which kill many over the years. And in the same category are beer and liquor brewers. Are they under the blame that Dan Thomasson attaches to the NRA?

He overlooks human nature and desire. Yes, the Las Vegas shooter had a bump stock, but he also had explosives and an apparent plan of destruction beyond just shooting people. Where there is a will, there is a way. Many items in today’s life can be detrimental if not used as intended, but I don’t see Mr. Thomasson blaming their manufacturers for not being prudent. How short sighted and biased.

Charles R. Moore, III, Charlotte