Letters to the Editor

I see a second term in Donald Trump’s future

Trump detractors solidify my support

In response to “Trump is destroying U.S. reputation” (Oct. 19 Forum):

Unfortunately, people like Forum writer Jim Hinkle actually believe that our standing in the world under President Obama and in the last 25 years was never better.

Fortunately, there are a lot of informed voters in between the left and right coasts who know better.

Therefore, thanks Mr. Hinkle for continuing this false narrative that will ensure Donald Trump is re-elected for a second term.

Lewis Adkins, Tega Cay

Glad Bush, McCain, Obama spoke out

In response to “Obama tells Democrats to reject politics of division, fear” (Oct. 20):

Thank goodness for former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, who speak from positions of leadership and diplomacy to point out the destructiveness of Donald Trump for our national existence.

Collusion between Russia and Trump is becoming more plausible daily. When will Congress act to save America from the moral decay Trump is fomenting?

Joe Sutterlin, Charlotte

Trump team must learn to communicate

I simply cannot understand why our leaders can’t master effective communicating.

President Trump told a military widow last week that her husband “knew what he signed up for.”

During a recent CNN report on the deaths in Niger, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said while addressing the reliability of military intelligence: “If you want a guarantee in my line of work, go buy a General Electric toaster. We do the best we can with the intel.”

I did over 4,000 presentations in my career and never alienated anyone. These guys can’t go 48 hours without making folks mad.

The truly scary part is they don’t understand why people get mad!

John B. Hallman, Charlotte

Cooper may well scare Amazon away

In response to “Cooper: ‘Transgender people are not prevented from the use of public facilities’  ” (Oct. 19):

So, Gov. Roy Cooper issues an executive “bathroom” order. He should know that this will incite the conservatives to loudly protest. Thus Amazon will hear the noise and bypass Charlotte like others did over the uproar on all sides during HB2.

Bill Lane, Polkville

I’ll take a credit union over a big bank

In response to “Why should banks pay taxes while credit unions get a break?” (Oct. 20 Opinion):

I have been a member of a credit union for over 30 years. I pay $1 per month for my checking account and always get more than that in interest.

Taxes are not fair and never will be. The credit union has earned my trust. Banks, particularly large banks, have not.

Bunny Simoneau, Huntersville

Beware of phrase ‘Consumer Choice’

Beware of pro-business organizations calling themselves: Consumer Choice Center.

As soon as I read Yaël Ossowski’s op-ed piece lamenting the unfair treatment of banks by regulations that shelter credit unions from taxes, I did a quick Internet search on the Center’s other publications. The ones I read consistently defend industries from regulations on the grounds that regulations on businesses hurt consumers. Maybe, maybe not.

I recently switched from a big bank to a credit union because it offered a higher line of credit at a lower rate. In this case, this consumer had more and better choices, perhaps because of that regulation protecting credit unions.

Surely there must be a balance. But naming an organization or legislation “Consumer Choice” does not guarantee that its work is primarily for the benefit of consumers.

Diane St. John, Charlotte

New BCBS rates unaffordable for me

As a self-employed individual, I think it is ridiculous what Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has done to its rates.

I received a letter last month saying they were not going to keep my policy even though it was grandfathered under the ACA.

Then, I received notice that my new policy will come with a $2,300 per month premium. Blue Cross NC stated that it was because President Trump canceled the subsidy to the health insurance companies.

I say BS to Blue Cross NC. Someone needs to investigate this as I can no longer afford health care.

Jim Plyler, Charlotte