Letters to the Editor

Rep. Pittenger, I needed Planned Parenthood for critical health care

Pittenger’s wrong on Planned Parenthood

In response to “Taxpayers shouldn't help pay to build... ” (Oct. 26 For the Record):

Many of Rep. Robert Pittenger's constituents receive critical, quality, affordable, and non-judgmental care at Planned Parenthood. I utilized its services from the time I was 18 until I turned 24. Did I receive six years worth of abortions? Of course not! I received annual pap smears, breast exams and access to affordable contraception to prevent an unintended pregnancy.

In my early 20s, Planned Parenthood provided access to birth control at a price I could afford (as a first-year teacher) and was less expensive than using my employer-sponsored insurance plan. Pittenger's assertion that these facilities that are being backed by bonds are being built solely to provide abortions is misleading. They are being supported by the community because they provide critical health care that may not otherwise be available.

Jessika Zimmer, Charlotte

We’re prioritizing wants over needs

In response to “Trickle down doesn't work, just ask Kansas” (Oct. 30 Forum):

I agree with Barbara Anderson’s comments, except for the last sentence. She wrote “ I guess the standard rule now in the USA is that the needs of the fewoutweigh the needs of the many.” She should have said the “wants” of the few outweigh the rest of us. The one-percenters don’t need anything.

Bill Hilton Jr., York

Vi Lyles has shown poor judgment

In response to “Why we're backing Vi Lyles for mayor” (Oct. 27 Opinion):

The Charlotte Observer editorial staff voiced concerns about Kenny Smith's vote against the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance. But what did that vote do for Charlotte? The non-discrimination ordinance, which Vi Lyles voted for, backfired when Raleigh legislators signed HB2 into law. The “bathroom bill” was repealed only after serious economic cost and national ridicule for N.C..

It's odd that the Observer doesn't mention Vi Lyles's vote in support of the I-77 toll lanes project. Vi Lyles’ swing vote in favor of the toll lanes dashed any hope that Charlotte would take a stand against a bad deal handed down from the NCDOT. Vi Lyles isn't responsible for the bad deal, but she is responsible for her bad judgment, and as such, she does not deserve our vote for mayor.

Julie Tuggle, Charlotte

N.C. senators, speak out on Rohingya crisis

Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, what are you going to do about the genocide that’s happening right now in Myanmar?

Rohingya Muslims are being killed every day and were attacked while trying to flee the country in August. A mass murder is happening and I haven’t heard you even address that it’s happening.

We are all world citizens, and we have to help people in need no matter where they are and what religion they observe. You need to at least speak out about this, spread knowledge, and make your constituents aware that it’s happening.

Jessica Gagliardo,


Charlotte, protect your businesses

In response to “City shouldn’t burden businesses” (Oct. 25 Forum):

Forum writer Tom Payne is right on track regarding road construction causing a Charlotte business to close.

The city/county give large enticements and financial breaks to businesses to transfer to Charlotte. Shouldn’t the established businesses be helped when construction causes them to suffer losses or close, as happened to Catch on Seafood?

This would be fair and would ensure businesses continue to benefit citizens.

Of course the city should make sure businesses were not already in financial straits before it provides assistance, as some businesses may look upon such a program as a money tree and an opportunity to blame others for their financial problems.

Donald Meyer, Denver

Why would media praise Trump?

In response to “Trump has done much for America” (Oct. 29 Forum):

Forum writer Howard Honeycutt argues President Trump “has accomplished much” but the media choose not to publicize it, implying only the media stand between Trump and adulation. Honeycutt’s letter employs the same methods Trump uses – saying much has been done but naming nothing. Many of us agree Trump has accomplished much – all of it negative, disturbing and destructive. If the media ignore Trump’s “accomplishments,” it’s been to his advantage.

Mary F. Englebert,