Letters to the Editor

Jeff Sessions has crossed the line – twice

It ought to be ‘game over’ for Sessions

In response to “Records contradict Trump and Sessions on Russia disclosures” (Nov. 3):

How many times can one lie under oath and still be Attorney General of the United States?

Silly me; I assumed if one lied during their confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate it would be “game over.” Apparently, that is not the case now.

Whatever the new standard might be, Jeff Sessions surely has to be getting really close to the line.

Jack Matthews, Charlotte

A new way to require national service

Currently, only about a dozen members of Congress are strong supporters of national service. In its current format national service is being presented as a one or even two-year program. As desirable as that would be, there is obviously insufficient national interest to pursue such an ambitious program. But how about one month of national service?

Immediately following high school, young people would be expected to devote one month of their lives to national service (helping in a hospital, building houses for Habitat, serving in the national park system, working to help the poor in Appalachia or an Indian reservation, etc). There would be two groups – one would serve in July, the other in August.

Giving back to something bigger than self would help the country and would help the individual.

Dan Laurent, Charlotte

Trump has boosted the economy

So far here are just a few of the things President Trump has accomplished:

In spite of the major storms, our economy is growing at over 3 percent.

The stock market, which impacts your 401(k), is up over 3,000 points.

Unemployment is at 4.1 percent and we are projected to add 11.5 million jobs over the next 10 years.

All the liberal name-calling can’t change facts.

Jim Shipley, Denver, N.C.

Equal justice for all, Mr. President

I agree with the president that the Uzbek national who plowed through eight bikers and pedestrians with his rental truck deserves death.

Abdoul Camara
Abdoul Camara

However, I am not sure why the president did not issue the same emotional outburst when a young, white supremacist drove his truck through a crowd in Charlottesville, Va., and killed a young lady.

Where was the outburst for the man who shot and killed more than 50 people from his hotel room window in Nevada?

Mr. President, if we must be just, we must not be selective when it comes to rendering justice.

Abdoul Camara, Charlotte

No double standard on terrorism

In response to “A double standard exists with terrorism” (Nov. 3 Forum):

Mark Hough

Regarding Forum writer Jibril Hough’s comment, in this case the assailant proudly proclaimed he did what he did for ISIS. He left notes behind, asked for an ISIS flag, and screamed his support for terrorism.

The Las Vegas shooter was dead, left no trail, and apparently emptied his computer, so authorities didn’t immediately proclaim terrorism for a reason.

Yes, he was a terrorist, as was the N.Y. driver. Your concern should be about that – not a label. And you wonder why people mistrust such Islamic community representatives?

Mark Hough, Fort Mill

Phase out real estate tax deductions

John Marszalek
John Marszalek

I believe that the tax code should be changed to eliminate real estate tax and interest deductions. It’s the fair thing to do.

However, this change should be put into place over a period of years, five or 10, not eliminated in one step.

A gradual phase-out would be less shocking to the bottom line and would give taxpayers a chance to better manage their finances.

John A. Marszalek, Charlotte

Majority supports right to abortion

In response to “Actually, Rep. Pittenger has a point” (Nov. 2 Forum):

Laura Reich

I find it interesting that Forum writer Cathie Bowers finds the “other things” Planned Parenthood does “deeply appalling to vast numbers of Americans.”

In fact, according to Pew research 59 percent of American adults believe abortion should be legal. Sixty-two percent believe there should be no cuts to federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

However if you are truly “pro life,” you should be appalled that North Carolina has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the country. These are living breathing babies. Maybe you could find ways to help them.

Laura Reich, Matthews