Letters to the Editor

Spend Atrium name-change money on patient care

Atrium name a waste of time and money

In response to “Carolinas HealthCare System takes a new name to reflect regional growth” (Feb. 8):

Shame on Carolinas HealthCare System, now Atrium Health, for needlessly spending what will easily be millions of dollars changing signs, stationery, pens, and white coats – for a name change amidst negotiations that may very well create another name change.

This organization is reckless with taxpayer dollars and not good stewards of monies that should be directed toward patient care.

Brent Davids, Charlotte

Deli developer best be ware of karma

In response to “Philadelphia Deli closing after bitter legal fight” (Feb. 7):

Martha Catt
Martha Catt

That Greencastle Capital Management’s Jeffrey Butler worked with a Drosinis cousin for what amounted to an end-run around Paul Drosinis’children is especially reprehensible. If the man had wanted to sell his property, he would have done so in 2014 when so-called “negotiations” started.

He wouldn’t have given his son, Demetri, power of attorney in September and then signed away his life’s work and his children’s legacy in November, especially without Demetri’s knowledge.

To Greencastle, a warning: What goes around comes around. You are now the Titanic, and karma is the iceberg.

Martha Catt, Charlottte

Clinton connection can’t be ignored

In response to Our View “Wait. That was the blockbuster memo?” (Feb. 3 Editorial) and related articles:

The Observer’s editorial attempting to pooh-pooh the FISA memo fell well short. To suggest that the findings were no big deal and to not even mention that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for Christopher Steele’s work is beyond belief.

The only conspiracy in play is liberal media trying to hide the truth!

David Ramsey, Mooresville

On memo, GOP put party above country

The Nunes memo will go down in history as a blatant partisan act to protect President Trump from the Mueller investigation.

Attacking the FBI and the Justice Department in this manner comes at a high cost to the checks and balances inherent in our system of government.

Trump’s collaboration with Nunes is not surprising given Trump’s repeated disdain for our democratic institutions.

One would think other GOP members of Congress would not have joined this attack. Their actions put their political party’s interests above those of the country. That is not what we expect from leaders of our country.

Kenneth Raynor, Charlotte

Better ways to spend Trump parade money

This parade that President Trump desires is just one bad idea. (“Trump pushes for military parade in DC,” Feb. 7)

Instead of a parade to feed his ego, the money could be better used on the following: housing for veterans, more medical facilities for veterans, repairing infrastructure throughout the states, getting homeless people off the streets, affordable housing – but not on a parade.

Seventy-six trombones may lead the big parade, but only when it’s deserving of its recipient.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Let Duke Energy dip into rainy day fund

In response to the Forum writer who suggested Duke Energy shareholders should pay for the company’s cleanup efforts, I am pleased to propose a different solution. (“Duke shareholders like me should pay,” Feb. 5 Forum)

Last year I purchased shares in Duke Energy. I did not share in the fruits of Duke’s profitable past any more than other more recent shareholders did.

Let Duke reach into its rainy-day fund and pay its own way out by using money it made in those earlier days.

This is Duke Energy’s rainy day! It should not impose its rain on current customers, and in the process should not reduce current and future dividends. Fair is fair!

Rob Roy McGregor, Harrisburg

Gratitude takes all shapes and sizes

In response to Peter St. Onge “Something more than expected” (Feb. 8 Opinion):

Joan Zimmerman
Joan Zimmerman

Thanks for the Muggsy Bogues, Dr. Mark Parker, Webb Kiser story. And, thanks to Elizabeth Kiser for realizing gratitude takes all shapes and sizes. It started my day on the right note.

As my millennial grandson, Carl, says… “There really are more good people than bad people.”

Joan Zimmerman, Charlotte