Letters to the Editor

Trump plan makes an accidental nuclear exchange much more likely

Use diplomacy, avoid another cold war

Welcome to a new cold war with Russia and probably with China.

Bert Crain
Bert Crain

The Trump administration is calling for new smaller-yield nuclear ballistic missiles and cruise missiles to be deployed on submarines, so they are more useable. This undermines 30 years of a carefully constructed nuclear regime, violates the 1970 Nonproliferation Treaty, and makes an accidental nuclear exchange much more likely.

Most important, the only reason for the existence of these machines of doom in the first place was for them never to be used!

We will reduce the risks far more by engaging in creative diplomacy with Russia and China.

Bert Crain, Hickory

Where’s GOP outcry concerning Kushner?

In response to “White House downgrades Kushner’s security clearance” (Feb. 28) and related articles:

Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner has been stripped of his top-secret security clearance.

Michael A. Clark
Michael A. Clark

But Kushner has been viewing top-secret documents for the past year. He has financial debts and involvements in foreign countries that aren’t U.S. allies, and he has been appointed by President Trump to deal with top security issues like the Middle East and trade deficits.

Republicans screamed bloody murder when Hillary Clinton was accused of having classified information in some of her emails. Can’t they admit how much worse Trump’s son-in-law has been handling much more sensitive data?

Michael A. Clark, Charlotte

Put focus on ammo purchases, not guns

If you want to get cold medicine that contains pseudoephedrine you must present a driver’s license, thus monitoring its use as a drug that can be used to make crystal meth.

Why not do the same with any type of ammunition? If purchases that include large quantities of bullets are detected, then law enforcement could investigate the individual. “Large quantities” would be determined by law.

It is in fact the bullet that does the harm, not the rifle.

It’s not a complete solution, if there is such a thing, but it’s a start.

Bill Mulcaha, Pawleys Island, S.C.

This is a dumpster fire of a presidency

President Trump’s shrinking base continues to believe he is somehow “on their side.”

He has proven that he is churlish, impulsive, defiantly ignorant, semi-literate and fueled by resentment – and he’s getting worse.

The president’s supporters must understand that their choice is no longer Trump or Hillary Clinton. It’s now Trump or Mike Pence. I may regret writing this, but Pence couldn’t possibly be worse than Trump.

It’s time to extinguish this dumpster fire of a presidency.

Mel Poole, Davidson

CIAA-related parties put citizens at risk

In response to “Will city be able to keep CIAA?” (March 2):

The real question should be: “Should city want to keep CIAA?”

Rapper Young Dolph narrowly avoided death after nearly 100 shots were fired uptown during last year’s CIAA tournament.

Parties – sanctioned or unsanctioned – that elicit this behavior put our citizens’ safety at risk. That should take precedent over whatever amount of money this event brings in for the city of Charlotte.

Trigg Cherry, Charlotte

Know your Dreamer story; it’ll change you

In response to “Discover your Dreamer story” (March 2 Opinion):

Many thanks to op-ed columnist Matt Olin for making the point I’ve been making all along.

My first ancestor in this land came to this very state well before it was this very state, in 1620. He was an English immigrant to a land which belonged to the Cherokee, among others – not to him.

It would serve all of us well to get in touch with our own immigrant history to be a little kinder to those making that treacherous journey.

Robert Stanley, Lenoir

Don’t be fooled by those TV tax ads

When you see those TV ads from lawyers and accountants who have “resolved” outstanding income tax issues, you know who covers the shortfall? You and I, the taxpayers who ante up the amount due.

We cover the shortfall to the revenue chain and subsidize the lawyers and accountants.

Tim Mead, Charlotte