Letters to the Editor

Tariffs will drive up car prices, drive down auto production in the U.S.

Tariffs will hurt U.S. auto industry

Let’s see, we put a tariff on imported steel making it more expensive for automobile makers, so they’ll need to raise the price of domestic cars.

Larry Bennett 2016
Larry Bennett

Americans won’t be able to afford domestic cars, so they’ll buy foreign cars with the result being that not as many cars will be made in the United States. With few cars made here, the demand for steel produced in the U.S. will decline.

The end result of higher steel tariffs is that the auto industry is ruined and nothing happens to help the steel industry. Where will it end?

Larry Bennett, Charlotte

Give Trump a chance on North Korea

So President Trump is to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un for the purpose of working out a plan to live in peaceful coexistence.

Herb Stark
Herb Stark

I, for one, wish them success. Both leaders have the same confrontational, in your face approach and would be wise to bring their top diplomats to the table. Both stand on a level playing field since “small minds think alike.”

As President Trump so frequently says, “We’ll see what happens.” I say, “Give them a chance.”

Herb Stark, Mooresville

U.S. shouldn’t aid Saudis in Yemen

The United States has been aiding the Saudis in attacks on Yemen’s civilians, and largely because of Saudi involvement, humanitarian aid to this devastated civilian population is obstructed.

What are we doing there? This isn’t about our national security, about ISIS or al-Qaida.

It seems that whenever we get involved in others’ civil wars, more harm than good is done.

The Senate will soon vote on whether to authorize this unconstitutional war. Please contact your senators to protest our continued involvement and ask them to pressure the Saudis to allow humanitarian relief.

Martha S. Robinson, Lancaster, S.C.

Start somewhere; ban assault weapons

Yes, there are a lot of assault-style rifles out there. No, the owners will not turn them in, but Congress can make it crime to have one.

A $1,000 fine or a year in jail will make a lot of people turn in their guns. Plus, a lot more will be found in stopped cars. The drivers could be charged just like drunk drivers.

Over time a lot of guns will be taken off the street. We have to start somewhere. Do you know what it really takes to change the Constitution? The Second Amendment is safe. Assault-style rifles should not be.

Rodney Black, Crouse

A drastic proposal for a drastic problem

There is a federal plan to improve American security by building a $25 billion wall between us and Mexico, which in my opinion is unnecessary.

I propose that we enhance our security by using part of that money for a program to buy back assault weapons at double their market value.

The purchase offer would last a specific amount of time, after which anyone found with such a weapon would be fined and the weapon confiscated.

My drastic proposal for a drastic problem.

Bob Rudisill, Concord

CMPD doesn’t cite drivers often enough

In response to “City official won’t call for return of red-light cameras” (March 8):

Why isn’t City Manager Marcus Jones recommending the return of red-light cameras, despite studies that show cameras improve safety?

Herb Corday
Herb Corday

Is it because the cost is paramount, not the safety of drivers and pedestrians?

In Charlotte, drivers routinely fail to stop at stop signs. Many also fail to stop before making a right turn on red.

Why do drivers do this? The No. 1 reason is failure of the police to enforce existing driving laws.

Charlotte police, do your job and start writing tickets for these offenders. Then see how fast people start obeying the law.

Herb Corday, Charlotte

Let women run the government

Is the time for women to take control of government at hand? The male dominated government has shown us that testosterone may not be the answer to handling the problems of this country.

Because lore has labeled women as the weaker sex doesn’t mean that men are the smartest sex.

As an elderly, white male, I think it’s time for a sex change, of sorts. After all, I’m sure women would be less likely to be charged with sexual misconduct.

Phillip Nowlin, Huntersville