Letters to the Editor

To make kids safer, heighten security measures in schools

Securing schools should be prioritized

The letter I sent to Sens. Burr and Tillis this week:

All this talk of changing the gun laws and putting guns in the schools is bull. You guys are smart enough to know what it is going to take to secure our schools. Just like commercial buildings and government buildings, the name of the game is a secure perimeter with limited and secure entrances. Costly, yes, but in the long run it will be cheaper than other things being proposed now.

You could use some of the money that Trump wants to use on the fence with Mexico, or better still start fencing 10 schools every time El Presidente doesn’t spend 4 million going to Florida for a two-day weekend.

Chris Weiss, Waxhaw

Latrobe clinic offers lots of services

In response to “An abortion clinic prayer story” (March 13 Forum):

I was curious as to how Forum writer Lissa Tipple knew why the two women at the abortion clinic that stopped to let the family of geese pass were at that facility. Does she assume that one of them was getting an abortion? The facility on Latrobe also provides other services beside abortion. I know, I checked the website.

I respect women’s rights. I respect the children who are unborn. I respect that every woman has a decision to make and must live with that decision for the rest of her life. Until you have walked in their shoes, don’t assume anything.

Joanne Holden, Charlotte

I support one-term limits for all

The Chinese dictatorship is getting ready to eliminate term limits for their leader. Without term limits, President Xi Jinping can rule for as long as he likes just like Mao Zedong and the emperors. I am a big supporter of term limits. I think that all elected officials should be limited to one term, or two non-consecutive terms. “Our” president can prove that he is against authoritarianism and Communism, and a supporter of democracy, by limiting himself to one term.

Political power corrupts. All political power should be limited.

Chuck Mann, Greensboro

Trump supporters, where’s your dignity?

Do the American people no longer care if their leaders show any decency? Donald Trump called a respected member of the national media by name and used a vulgar and profane term for him in a public forum. I’ve heard not a single Republican criticize him, in fact, all I have heard comment have offered excuses!

To say nothing of philandering with a porn star and then allegedly paying her to keep quiet. This is the man who garnered a huge majority of the religious right’s vote. Why are those who claim to be pillars of morality not screaming?

As a nation have we no dignity left?

Joel B. Miller, Hickory

The Bible was in my public school

In response to “What planet was your ’60s school on?” (March 9 Forum):

I grew up in Princeton, NJ, which by no stretch of the imagination is a conservative town. My four brothers and sister and I all went to public school in the ’50s and ’60s and we not only recited the Pledge of Allegiance, but a different student read a passage from the Bible every day. So Forum Writer Jean Wilson, where did you go to school?

Brian Henninger, Charlotte

LeAnn Swieczkowski
LeAnn Swieczkowski

VA health care should stay public

In response to “Trump may replace VA chief with Perry” (March 14):

We must not privatize VA health care. I have used the VA system for 17 years now, since I retired from the U.S. Army. I also use the civilian medical system through my Medicare insurance. The VA healthcare outshines the civilian care by far. I’m sure 80-90 percent of vets agree with me. Most veterans don’t want the system privatized.

In N.C. our VA-provided healthcare is proactive in its administration and delivery. If the current chaotic executive branch and the “do nothing” Congress succeed in changing veterans’ care to a private system we will all lose.

LeAnn Swieczkowski,


Don’t give my money to the RNC

In response to “GOP: Host city must raise up to $70M for convention” (March 10):

Does anyone really think that the people of Charlotte would have any interest in putting up even five cents to have the Republicans convene here for their efforts to keep their grip on power over us? Haven’t we had enough abuse?

Bob Kirby, Charlotte