Letters to the Editor

Atrium execs get big bucks; patients get reduced quality

Bloated Atrium is duping Charlotte

In response to “Atrium Health spat spills into public view” (March 15):

As a former employee of a medical group that provided contract services to Atrium Health, I read with great distress the article about the effective dismissal from employ of the finest group of anesthesiologists I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

This is yet another dumbing down of medical service for the citizens of the region by the greedy hospital administrators seeking to justify their multimillion dollar salaries by providing lesser quality service with the full approval of the overseeing hospital authority of this bloated organization.

Wake up Charlotte, before it is too late. You are being duped!

Dr. Carmen Talarico, Blowing Rock

Fear of gun violence limits our freedoms

Steve Jones 2016
Steve Jones

Our Declaration of Independence states that as Americans we have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

In today’s America that right is gone as citizens cannot go to a school, mall, movie theater or anywhere else without fear of being gunned down.

Only extremists would trade the promise of America for a nation in fear from guns.

Steve Jones, Charlotte

Conservatives like me can tolerate Lamb

In response to “Dem holds Pa. lead; GOP eyes recount” (March 15):

Dickie Benzie

Conor Lamb is a Democrat we can tolerate. He has more conservative values than some of our Republicans already in Washington.

Mr. Lamb is an ex-Marine who supports abortion rights, but is personally pro-life. He’s pro-Second Amendment, and he approves the Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Liberals have figured out how to win elections; espouse conservative agendas. DINO – Democrat in Name Only.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Pick someone else for Secretary of State

In response to “Tillerson ousted, Pompeo in at State Department” (March 14):

In the U.S., we have the CIA. Russia has the KGB. The CIA did waterboarding, and I do not have the stomach to describe the KGB’s past activities.

Vladimir Putin is a former KGB operative who has brought the KGB mindset and skills to his leadership role in Russia with the poisonings in England and chemical attacks in Syria.

Our president thinks Mike Pompeo of the CIA has the right stuff to be Secretary of State, our chief diplomat. Diplomacy is defined as “the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way.”

The KGB and CIA are not the places to learn how to promote peace or foster cooperation and sanity in this world. Let’s choose someone else.

Olav Nilender, Charlotte

Blackmail quality dirt on Trump

When do we start to recognize treason when it’s right in front of us?

I know some will holler “fake news” at the treason label, but the more information that comes out around Trump campaign people and Russian operatives, it becomes more and more difficult to believe these are incidental meetings and coincidental messaging.

When you factor in the high likelihood that more than one person has blackmail-quality dirt on President Trump, it should raise concerns among “we the people” about who this administration is working for.

Chris Porier, Charlotte

Protesters protect the most vulnerable

In the last paragraph of “Women deserve dignity at clinics” (March 14 Forum), the author states: “We must continue to speak out against extremism in our midst and take steps to protect our vulnerable citizens.” To which I must reply: What could be more extreme than the shedding of innocent blood of an unborn child, and what citizens would be more vulnerable than the unborn children?

The author revealed the startling truth.

Wayne Price, Charlotte

Revoke permits if protests are too loud

Forum writer Leila Lyons Forbes’ letter states that protesters at abortion clinics are allowed to use sound devices to harass and intimidate patients.

No one has the constitutional right to amplify their protest or to force others to walk a “gauntlet.”

Protesters must be kept at a distance and be required to obtain a sound device permit from the city and comply with its terms of use. If the sound devices are used to harass, annoy or disturb anyone it should be revoked.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte