Letters to the Editor

Money talks. Students must stop supporting those who glamorize gun violence.

Students, use your economic power

In response to “Thousands of area students join walkout” (March 15):

James S. Walker
James S. Walker

Many of these same students protesting gun violence will snicker while going on a fantasy murderous rampage with video games, or paying top-dollar to enjoy every blood-spattered moment of a new “action” movie with horrific shoot-out scenes that falsely show gunshot deaths as quick, quiet and painless.

These students have power. Economic power to change attitudes. But it starts with themselves.

Stop funding those who maliciously glamorize gun violence for profit. Don’t buy violent video games where the goal is body count. Stop going to movies that glorify gun violence.

The Second Amendment is disrespected and debased when you patronize them.

James S. Walker, Charlotte

Have ABC-like stores for guns and ammo

Semi-automatic rifles and bump stocks need to be banned for private use. Then, those who suffer from mental issues will not have access to them.

Also, ammunition should be bought and sold in a controlled environment like alcohol in an ABC store.

I don’t think you should be able to just run into Walmart or a sporting goods store to buy ammunition. There should be an age limit to buy it, just as there is to buy alcohol.

This might not eliminate school shootings, but it would make it harder for anyone to do so.

Linda Clark, Albemarle

Banning guns won’t help; return to God

School shootings are not a gun issue, but instead an issue of the heart.

We pushed God out of schools, which left a void – a void filled by evil, the evidence of which is the teaching of Darwinism as fact, the acceptance of LGBTQ groups as normal, and the elimination of prayer.

Wake up, America. You are now reaping what you sowed, and banning AR-15s or other guns will not address the true issue.

We as a society need to turn back to God or be willing to accept a larger presence of evil in our daily lives.

Christopher Gray, Waxhaw

Arming teachers creates other targets

Donald Trump says that if we place armed teachers in every school in the country, mass shooters will not go there.

Then where will these shooters go to find a soft target? Probably churches, theaters, nightclubs, concerts, convention centers, malls, daycare centers, senior centers, hospitals, and grocery stores – any place people regularly gather without expecting to encounter a gunman.

If we arm teachers, we will eventually have to arm everyone. No wonder the NRA supports this solution.

Donald C. Nelson, Charlotte

Don’t reduce toll costs for the rich

In response to “I-77 toll-lane group pans frequent discount idea” (March 15):

In today’s climate, where there is outrage over the rich getting all the breaks, the toll lane advisory group wants to give people who use the toll lanes several times a day discounts. Seriously? Come on, you know they can afford paying full price – they’re rich.

John Pluckhahn, Charlotte

President is reviving the national spirit

The economy is booming by any measure – job creation, new construction, higher wages, and lower taxes for many.

“Now Hiring” signs are all over the area. There are a lot of good things happening: Illegal immigration has been reduced, those who serve in the military and law enforcement are getting the respect and support they deserve, job-killing federal regulations have been slashed, and we are on the verge of being the top petroleum producer in the world.

President Trump is a true leader and I’m thankful for the revival of our national spirit that he is bringing about.

Ron Shuping, Nebo

Trump’s response on Russia inadequate

Daryl Solomonson
Daryl Solomonson

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is accused of attacking two people in London using nerve agents banned since World War II.

Yet, it appears our president worries more about how high the walls should be on our southern border than he does about the Russians attacking our elections and our allies.

Mr. President, you took a Constitutional oath of office to protect this country. Please start doing so.

Daryl Solomonson, Troutman

Struck by the irony in Pompeo appointment

On the day Stephen Hawking died, a climate science denier was named to become the U.S. Secretary of State. Consider that.

Brent Yugen, Statesville