Letters to the Editor

The Census citizenship question is fair

Phil Clutts
Phil Clutts

Census should reflect U.S. citizens

In response to “Census question could spur legal battle over redistricting” (March 31):

The nation’s founders established a republic instead of a democracy because they believed a majority of voters shouldn’t have the capability of depriving any voters of certain inalienable rights. That system has worked pretty well, despite occasional unhappiness of some voters with Electoral College results.

Similarly, by virtue of their numbers and clustering, illegal immigrants should not have power equivalent to citizen voters in determining political representation and expenditure of taxpayer funds. I think it’s entirely legitimate to ask the citizenship status of a resident, not to mention the national security considerations.

Phil Clutts, Harrisburg

Nurses can’t replace anesthesiologists

In response to “Patient care at Atrium isn’t at risk” (April 2):

Forum writer Charlotte Barnes addressed the issue of patient care with the ongoing situation between Atrium and the anesthesiologists. She noted that nurse anesthetists are often more caring than the attending anesthesiologists. My son is an anesthesiologist (not in NC), and he cares very much about his patients. He often talks about how he goes to bat for them, to ensure they get the care they need – no more, no less. He is also highly trained to take over in case something goes terribly awry.

Yes, nurse anesthetists are highly trained, but they do not have the extensive background needed in an emergency. Caring more than someone else will not save the patient. And, anesthesiologists do care about their patients – that is why they do what they do.

Traci Kearns, Davidson

Praising Trump, criticizing Clinton?

In response to “Stormy Daniels and Dems’ hypocrisy” (March 30 Forum):

It amazes me how Trump conservatives continue to hash out old news about Bill Clinton and defend Donald Trump.

Trump is accused of having affairs with a Playboy Playmate and a porn star, just shortly after his third wife gave birth. He cheated on his first wife with his second wife, and his second wife with his third.

At least 16 women have accused him of sexual misconduct. Now, “we the people” are suddenly silent, and the evangelical religious right have bartered their souls.

Warren D. Smith, Concord

God did create transgender people

In response to “I’d rather be bibically correct, not politically” (April 1 Forum):

Forum writer Don Ledbetter is wrong. God our Heavenly Father not only created male and female; He created children with ambiguous genitalia, congenital endocrine disorders, and genetic variations that cause a person’s body to have gender characteristics opposite from their sex chromosomes. And sometimes a brain that has the characteristics of one sex finds itself in a body of the opposite sex. Transgender has a biologic basis, and is a part of God’s creation.

Richard Jacobson,


Congress, Trump isn’t your boss

A sad charade was acted out when President Trump ridiculed the trillion dollar-plus, 2,200-page omnibus spending bill that, nevertheless, he signed. Neither he nor senators had had time to digest it before they hurriedly left town!

It is difficult to fathom why the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress have become such trembling acolytes for Trump. Shouldn’t somebody be saying something about something?

Are there no profiles in courage to be earned in protesting White House attacks on law enforcement agencies or the gutting of the State Department?

Where are constitutional checks and balances? What of the separation of powers? Senators do not serve under the president; they serve with him.

William E. Jackson Jr., Davidson

Choosing moderates over partisanship

In response to “Democratic dilemma: Party or pragmatism” (March 30):

I applaud Joel Ford – a moderate pragmatist that proves compromise is not necessarily a bad thing, especially in politics. The far left and far right have hijacked the major parties and spew venom at each other. I think most of us are moderates, with some beliefs left and some right. So, Mujtaba Mohammed, the last thing we need is another political extremist that adamantly shuns bipartisanship.

Patrick A. Walters,