Letters to the Editor

Grow up Charlotte, stop obsessing over city’s image

Ralph Milligan
Ralph Milligan

Stop fretting over Charlotte’s image

In response to Matt Olin “Hey Charlotte, let’s get messy” (April 27 Opinion):

We moved here almost 17 years ago, and we love Charlotte. But it’s sad to listen to the drumbeat obsession over “what other people think of us.”

It has always reminded me of the junior high student who (normal for that age) is constantly worried about “Am I pretty?” or “Do people think I belong with the big dogs?”

People and cities, as they become more adult, stop fretting so much over their image and get on with being the best they can be, as they define what that means.

Charlotte is getting there, but it’s past time.

Ralph Milligan, Charlotte

Stop talking and start building

The Charlotte City Council talks about affordable housing, but does nothing but talk.

City Council continues to approve the building of new upscale apartments. Builders buy and tear down old apartments and build upscale apartments. But – no affordable housing.

But we can find money for a park and “landmark sculpture” at the Hal Marshall site. Projects are already underway along North Tryon with hundreds of apartments, hotels, shops and more. Oh yes, now we have a $10 million project for the SouthPark area with a 3-mile Cultural Loop.

Still – no affordable housing.

Armit Mundorf, Charlotte

So should we call it a ‘bullet crash’?

In response to “Don’t treat guns differently” (April 26 Forum):

That was an interesting letter from Forum writer Mike Quinn. It is in fact “car violence” if somebody runs me down on purpose. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s against the law.

So what would Mr. Quinn have us call it when somebody gets shot on purpose? A bullet crash?

Greta West, Charlotte

I draw the line at conspiracy peddlers

In response to “Let conservatives speak up too” (April 26 Forum):

As a registered Independent who votes across party lines and a gun owner, I was struck by Gary Ludwick’s Forum letter on a couple of counts.

His less than veiled jab at the mainstream media must be skewed by his choice of news sources or by blinders. I have regularly learned of protests toward conservative speakers on college campuses, but I believe distinctions must be made between protests against legitimate speakers like David Brooks and conspiracy peddlers like Alex Jones.

Curt Dansby, Charlotte

I want assurance from Sen. McConnell

Sen. Mitch McConnell, if you are so sure that President Trump will not fire Robert Mueller in his investigation, then put your job on the line and assure the American public that you will resign as Senate Majority Leader if he does.

Chip Stout, Charlotte

Put away fears of Mexican immigrants

In response to “On immigration, what are we afraid of?” (April 25 Opinion):

Keith Larson’s perception of Mexican people is spot on. My son married a beautiful, talented Mexican woman who is now a well-respected IB Spanish teacher at East Mecklenburg High School. Her family in Mexico is educated, English-speaking, and welcoming to all.

I wish everyone who fears immigration of Mexicans could meet her and her family. I consider myself to be so fortunate to be a part of her life and I’m thankful for the many opportunities I have had to broaden my horizons because of her.

Karen Callahan, Charlotte

Give Southwest pilot what Sully got

Why hasn’t there been more coverage of a hero who saved over 140 lives?

It’s tragic that one person died in the Southwest Airlines incident, but all others got to live. That plane was a death trap for all after the engine exploded.

Everyone admires “Sully” for the Miracle on the Hudson. Pilot Tammie Jo Shults is a hero, too. Let’s give her the appropriate accolades she deserves.

Ed Gerard, Charlotte

Congress, get a grip on how to budget

Elected leaders, I have decided to follow your stellar example. I will run my household budget as you do the government’s.

It is my intention to be perpetually in the hole and I expect my progeny to pay my debts. This is the path your budgets are taking our nation.

The concept of tax cuts without a substantial budget reduction defies logic. I can only image the chaos that will result for our children and grandchildren. I apologize for your extreme short-sightedness.

Douglas Sherrow, Mint Hill