Letters to the Editor

Keep Charlotte Boring, reject RNC 2020

RNC 2020 isn’t worth the trouble it’ll cause

In response to “Charlotte should make the RNC an offer it can’t refuse” (May 10 Opinion):

Garrett Nelson
Garrett Nelson

“Keep Charlotte Boring” is the case opinion writers Eric Heberlig and Suzanne Leland make for attracting the 2020 Republican National Convention to Charlotte.

First, they may want to run that motto by the CRVA. Second, a 2020 RNC will be anything but boring, and either lead to massive riots and protests or the entirety of uptown turned into a military occupation.

In either case, business will come to a standstill and the minor amount of money brought into the city will not be worth the time, trouble and damage to the city’s reputation.

So Keep Charlotte Boring, reject the RNC.

Garrett Nelson, Charlotte

It’s about being the best, not about race

In response to “McCrory frowns on black caucus influence” (May 11):

Vi Lyles became mayor because she was the best candidate for the job.

Kerr Putney is police chief because he was the best candidate for the job.

Spencer Merriweather was elected DA because he was best for the job.

Garry McFadden was one of the best-ever homicide cops in Charlotte; maybe he’ll be the best sheriff.

None of these incidents had any thing to do with race. But we know that in today’s America everything is about race, sex, politics, money, and BS.

Ted Holland, Cornelius

McFadden is on a dangerous path

What is controversial about screening every person arrested to see if he or she is here illegally?

What is controversial about sending an illegal immigrant out of our country?

Sheriff-elect Garry McFadden said following 287(g) reduces community trust. Not respecting the law is called appeasement. Appeasement is like cancer. It starts small, but grows from mayors letting people destroy cities, to Obama appeasing Iran.

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

Centuries of bias impacted behavior

In response to “Teach kids to follow police orders” (May 11 Forum):

Janet Lama
Janet Lama

While Forum writer Calvin Wright is correct about how to interact with police – be polite, listen, do as they ask – he’s wrong about negative “homegrown” behavior causing the problems so many people of color have with police.

It is centuries of bias from a society known for harassing people based on their skin color that is our true homegrown culprit.

Janet Lama, Charlotte

Listen to McCain on Haspel appointment

How can the Republican members of Congress vote to confirm Gina Haspel as CIA director?

John McCain has voiced his disapproval of her for “refusal to acknowledge torture’s immorality.”

Sen. McCain knows of what he speaks about torture for he was tortured numerous times during his captivity in North Vietnam. He knows what it does to the victims.

Listen to the man. He votes his conscience, not the party line.

Augie E. Beasley, Charlotte

I’m all for First Lady’s anti-bully campaign

Sandi McGarrah
Sandi McGarrah

A recent breaking news story was about our First Lady discussing the evils of bullying in social media as her issue of interest. Amazing, since her husband, our president, is the biggest bully of the present age.

Yes, the man who is “heard around the world” everyday uses social media to bully everyone who doesn’t agree with his views, from co-workers to heads of state. What an example to set for the children and youth of our country.

Now his wife finally takes a stand against the big man. It’s about time someone did!

Sandi McGarrah, Stallings

Yes, let’s talk issues, regulatory ones

In response to “Let’s elevate our political discourse“ (May 9 Forum):

If Forum writer Carole Bradley is tired of hearing about Donald Trump’s immorality and would rather discuss deregulation, that would be acceptable.

For your consideration, here are a few of the regulations the Trump administration has eliminated:

▪ Flood rebuilding standards

▪ Mine contamination cleanup rules.

▪ Safety standards for “high hazard” trains.

▪ Clean water rules for wetlands.

▪ Migratory bird protections.

Barry Jordan, Charlotte