Letters to the Editor

Don’t put the CIA in the hands of a torture apologist

Haspel is a symbol of America’s shame

Her remorse, together with her promise to never again let the CIA use torture, might make Gina Haspel eligible for a reduced sentence but not for confirmation as director of the agency that was so intimately involved in the squalid and inhuman practice.

Joe Moran
Joe Moran

History will deem our back-tracking on the Iran Nuclear Accord chicken feed when compared to the violation of our sworn agreement to abide by the International Convention Against Torture.

Joe Moran, Durham

I vote on issues, not skin color

In response to “McCrory frowns on black caucus influence” (May 11):

It might interest Pat McCrory to know that as a white Democrat in Mecklenburg County, I vote on the issues, and not skin color or the recommendations of a caucus. And on the issues, Vi Lyles and Spencer Merriweather get my vote.

So rather than look for scapegoats for Republican losses, Mr. McCrory should look at the issues (schools, police, housing) and ask Republican candidates why they are so out of synch with local voters.

As for his race baiting, (those in my age group, 66, can spot the signs) and his implication that the Black Political Caucus would only support black candidates, I can only surmise that he is looking for a job as a talking head on television and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Tom Fielder, Charlotte

McCrory is right about the BPC

In response to “McCrory’s comment smacks of racism” (May 13 Forum):

Pat McCrory was calling out the Black Political Caucus. Look at the name of this organization. It is prejudice by its name.

Imagine if it was called the White Political Caucus. Would it be considered prejudicial?

Mark Mashburn,


McCrory might land Charlotte the RNC

In response to “Ex-Gov. McCrory’s comments on Black Caucus spark outrage” (May 13):

The City of Charlotte owes a debt of gratitude to Pat McCrory.

With his over the top, race-baiting comments on his recent radio show, he has single-handedly guaranteed that Charlotte will be awarded the 2020 Republican convention.

Bonner Mills, Mount Holly

True colors come through in private

Mick Mulvaney just revealed a great deal about his own character with reference to a White House staffer making an inappropriate remark about John McCain.

Mulvaney’s defense was that the remark was made in a private meeting, not in public. Good character does not change between public and private settings.

Sara Howie Haymond, Charlotte

George Evanoff
George Evanoff

When Mueller’s hammer comes down

Many years ago I saw a cartoon in The New Yorker which showed two bank robbers, still in the bank lobby, holding bags of money, surrounded by a dozen police with guns pointed at them. With no chance of escape, one robber says to the other; “Switch to Plan B.”

Unless Plan B was to be teleported somewhere, it was a funny, if not ridiculous statement for the situation they were in.

If encircled by Robert Mueller’s team, I wonder if President Trump has a “Plan B.”

George Evanoff, Midland

Traci Cockerham
Traci Cockerham

Graham’s morality lines up with mine

In response to “Graham has no shame” (May 12 Opinion):

I am sorry, Mr. Bailey, when you state that Franklin Graham no longer believes in morality and that he is shameful for supporting President Trump, are you suggesting that he should instead support Hillary Clinton?

I am a Christian that supports President Trump also and I am unapologetic about it. I support his agenda, his Supreme Court nomination, his tax reform, his international competence and the list continues.

Unfortunately, several politicians have personal flaws and the trend did not begin with Donald Trump.

Franklin Graham has freedom of expression just as you and I do – don’t be critical of his morality just because he has a broad platform to express his political opinion.

Traci Cockerham,