Letters to the Editor

Charlotte shouldn’t give away taxpayer money for free

What is new hotel offering taxpayers?

In response to “New hotel with 1,000 rooms set for uptown” (May 15):

LaWana Mayfield is correct. If a 1,000 room hotel is so great an idea, why would we spend our tax dollars on it?

Perhaps it could include some affordable housing units, or house an alternative pre-K school. Even a homeless shelter!

Change the dynamics! When entities twist our arm for our tax dollars, let’s twist back and get some real, tangible, community benefit.

Coy Powell, Charlotte

Christians, just stop supporting Trump

In response to “Graham’s morality lines up with mine” (May 15 Forum):

I find it curious that Forum writer Traci Cockerham is so quick to condemn Hillary Clinton when she gives a free pass to Trump for his proven adulterous, bullying and deceitful behavior.

As a Christian I do not need to be lectured by her or a religious group who support such wanton behavior.

I do agree with Ms. Cockerham that Franklin Graham does have a “broad platform” to express his opinions, however, it should not be used in support of a man who is obviously so hopelessly flawed.

Larry Vogt, Mooresville

Trump, consider Palestinian rights too

Trump says Israel has the right to defend itself. What rights do a people have who are invaded by foreigners who set up their own country in the middle of those people’s land?

Larry Bennett
Larry Bennett

The invaders have destroyed property records, confiscated land, and used water accessibility as a weapon, plus restricted movement and otherwise created a hell for the indigenous people. What rights do the Palestinians have?

Larry Bennett, Charlotte

How Christians can make progress

In response to “Pastors losing courage on morality” (May 8 Forum):

Instead of the recent Forum letters angrily chastising 90 percent of pastors and denouncing an immoral world, perhaps a better way would be the offering up of heavenly prayers and copying them to the Observer.

Jerry Walden, Rock Hill

Respect the Teachers March organizers

In response to “State lawmaker says ‘Teacher Union thugs’ are behind NC education march” (May 13):

As a retired North Carolina educator, I take great offense at Rep. Mark Brody’s characterization of the Teacher’s March organizers as “thugs” and in so doing, casting those who will attend as undesirables instead of the decent, law-abiding, church-going citizens that we are. With N.C. still ranked 37th in teacher pay as well as $2,600 below the national average in per-pupil funding, he has a lot of nerve trying to undermine the efforts of hard-working, dedicated teachers to make their voices heard.

I hope Brody and his colleague Tim Moore will take a close look at the faces of the thousands who attend and discover that they are anything but thugs. Indeed, they are men and women who plan to vote this November for change.

Frances Fincher, Newton

How can we ignore immigration law?

In response to “Pipeline protesters occupy driveway of Duke Energy CEO” (May 10):

Let me see if I can get this straight.

If someone trespasses on a citizen’s private property they can be arrested and charged for breaking the law and must face the consequences, as someone did on Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good’s property recently.

Conversely, if someone trespasses on the sovereign property of the United States in violation of our federal immigration laws, then various levels of supposed government are to not only turn a blind eye to this violation but are to reward the violators with various and sundry benefits like nothing illegal took place?

I guess the person charged with trespassing on Lynn Good’s property should claim to be here illegally so CMPD will do the right thing for the country and release that person immediately, if not sooner.

Rick Mendoza, Charlotte

Don’t make Charlotte a sanctuary city

Congratulations Charlotte-Mecklenburg for electing Garry McFadden as your new sheriff. It’s nice to know your law enforcement leaders will work to establish a quasi sanctuary city, though outlawed by the state. Your city manager has already proposed a tax hike, no doubt the county will be next. Otherwise, how will the constant freebies and entitlements continue?

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis