Letters to the Editor

Trump keeps delivering on campaign promises

Trump is restoring our country

Donald Trump has done more than any recent president to restore our country to greatness. Our country did not become great by apologizing – it is great because our leaders made difficult decisions, even if that included war to protect us and our way of life.

The USA is strong. Close our borders, deport illegal immigrants. Assimilate or get out!

Get the masses off welfare and make them get jobs to support their families. Work to eat.

Trump can get all this done with support. Go Trump, make all your campaign promises come true.

Shirley P. Baucom, Monroe

Linda J. Brooks
Linda J. Brooks

I’ll be wishing us, not Trump, good luck

In response to “Put nastiness aside, back Trump on this” (May 17 Forum):

It’s very sweet of Forum writer Herb Stark to want us to wish President Trump good luck in his possible meeting with Kim Jong Un. However, I think it would be more realistic to wish ourselves luck that Trump doesn’t get us blown up.

He is no statesman, not a shrewd negotiator, petty, and has a short fuse. We’ll all be lucky to get out in one piece from this administration.

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

U.S. pols get duped by N. Korea tactics

How long has North Korea been doing these tactics? They dangle the carrot stick at us and our politicians take the bait every time.

Kim Jong Un did learn well from his father. What have our politicians learned over the last 60 years or so?

Maurice Koga, Charlotte

Include calorie counts in TV ads

Starting this month, the FDA requires restaurants to post calorie and nutrition information for their foods at the point of purchase. What if they had to post the calories of foods shown in their TV commercials as well?

For example, you could sit down to watch Big Bang Theory and discover that Zaxby’s Zensation Zalad sports 1,220 calories or that one sandwich Arby's advertises is 910 calories.

Most of us “learn” from the repetitiveness of advertising. We also eat healthier when we plan what to eat before facing the choice.

Considering the obesity epidemic in America, calorie counts in TV ads should be a no-brainer.

Linda Berne, Charlotte

I believe in Charlotte’s leaders

I look at today and try not to dwell on the mistakes of the past. I see our Mayor Vi Lyles, a very capable and intelligent person. I see Chief Kerr Putney, an officer who rose up through the ranks here, Spencer Merriweather our new DA,who has the education and experience to do great things, and Garry McFadden, our new sheriff.

I have met each of these individuals and discussed how they intend to perform their duties for the good of the whole community. Our city is in very capable hands. If I as a very conservative, white, heterosexual, Christian male have faith in these four people why can't you? If they can't correct the divide that has cloaked this city then I fear it will never be done.

Jim Van Meerten, Charlotte

Don’t enable teenagers with guns

Another school shooting! When is this going to stop?

As a seasoned mental health therapist, I’ve listened to all of the “talk” following prior shootings about what to do, but still no change.

The bottom line is that people have had mental illnesses for centuries. That will continue to be the case. Also, poor parenting has been in existence for the same period of time and will also continue to be the case. So what can be changed? The availability of guns.

I’m not suggesting that our citizens can’t own guns, but I am suggesting that we can increase controls and limit access. That is doable.

Teenagers are impulsive. Let’s make it more difficult for them to be impulsive with weapons.

Kathy Van Dyke,Waxhaw

A hopeful view amid political struggle

News reports and columnists agree that President Trump is eliminating major parts of Obama's legacy.

Hamilton continues to get credit for the federal banking system, in spite of Jackson's brief destruction of it. Congress killed Wilson's League of Nations, but a world organization where disputes can be aired has persisted since WWII.

The direction of major world or human concepts does not change in spite of brief periods of political struggles. Available and affordable health care for all will ultimately be achieved, as will efforts to save the planet. And, the concept of a functional, global economy will ultimately come to fruition. We are too interconnected in too many other ways for that not to occur.

Ken Ball, Charlotte

Thanks, CSO, for another great season

Christopher Warren-Green, music director of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, and all its musicians are real stars. They’ve now completed, yet again, another outstanding season.

Ward McKeithen, Charlotte