Letters to the Editor

Charlotte should have lost respect for Jerry Richardson

Don’t minimize Jerry Richardson’s behavior

In response to “Thanks for all you’ve done, Mr. Richardson” (May 18 Forum):

As a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, I must say I was appalled at Forum writer Annette Huber’s defense of Jerry Richardson’s behavior. She says it “is typical of the male species and has gone on for thousands of years.”

First off, that is not typical of the males in my life. Furthermore, murder, rape, robbery and assault have also gone on for years even dating back to Biblical days. Does that make them acceptable?

Regardless of someone’s contribution to the community, he or she must still be held accountable. Hopefully, Ms. Huber won’t have a family member be a victim to such an atrocity. If so, would she like the perpetrator to be absolved of their transgression?

Doris A. Coble, Matthews

Lin Robinson
Lin Robinson

How dare you call teachers greedy

In response to “Teacher protests a testament to greed” (May 20 Forum):

Forum writer Thomas Strini should follow my son in his daily routine. On the road to school – 15 miles – by 6:30 AM. Arrives and opens his office where he tutors until 7:45. Classes end at 3:00 after which there are meetings, paperwork and other duties. On the way home around 4:30. Once home the individual planning and paper grading, etc. is done until bedtime or after. His wife teaches in the same school and shares the routine. Neither is at the average salary as yet.

In the summer he teaches summer school, sometimes has workshops, and his wife has conferences out of town for curriculum committees.

Smaller class sizes have nothing to do with workload; they simply allow the teachers to give more individual attention.

Lin Robinson, Shelby

Parents, demand action on safety

I am not currently a parent, but if I were, I would strongly consider keeping my K-12 children at home until their schools were upgraded to better ensure their safety. If every parent would stand behind this initiative, maybe our elected government leaders would see fit to provide enough funding to achieve the level of security all of our children deserve before they return for the next school year.

Many of our legislators don’t seem to have the desire to enact common sense gun laws, but maybe they can use some common sense to make our schools safe!

Mick Goodfellow, Monroe

Let’s try an annual gun registration

Another school shooting and again there will be a lot of talk and very little, if any, action taken. Too expensive and too many worries about “taking away my Second Amendment rights.”

Every day we use another tool of mass destruction – our cars. Yearly we have to re-register our cars and pay a tax on the vehicle for the privilege of driving them. Let all legal gun owners pay a yearly registration fee to keep their weapons and let the revenues be used for school safety and security.

Howard L. Braverman, Cornelius

June Blotnick
June Blotnick

Speaker to focus on climate change

The writer is the Executive Director of Clean Air Carolina.

Special thanks to the World Affairs Council of Charlotte for bringing Brigadier General Stephen Cheney to Charlotte this week with his urgent message to act swiftly to reduce carbon emissions causing climate change.

Attendance should be mandatory for all those government, corporate and financial leaders who have the power to change energy policy and investment but refuse to do so. Which leaders in our community will stand up to the fossil fuel industry and take on the most crucial challenge of our generation and to our children’s future?

I sincerely hope that if the moral and environmental reasons don’t cause you to act, the economic and national security issues will.

June Blotnick, Charlotte

Police actually do help people

In response to “City Council member LaWana Mayfield again under fire - for likening officers to terrorists” (May 18):

Ms. Mayfield,

My husband was in law enforcement for 33 years, and I can tell you if you ever need to call 911, you will soon discover our fine officers in blue are heroic examples of the goodness in people willing to put the safety of the citizens they protect before their own.

Shame on you.

Pamela Black, Concord