Letters to the Editor

New Panthers owner should keep his politics to himself

Keep politics out of the Panthers

In response to “Tepper isn't exactly a Trump fan” (May 16):

Fortunately, even our billionaires are protected by the First Amendment, just like the rest of us.

However, I was hoping new Panthers owner David Tepper would keep his politics private, whatever his preference. Unfortunately he has chosen to bash and criticize President Trump openly.

Political posturing during the national anthem did not go over well with fans. Why Mr. Tepper would choose to insult so many in his fan base before we even meet him is beyond me.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Philip Van Hoy
Philip Van Hoy

Why would the RNC want Charlotte?

Let’s hope the people considering Charlotte as the site for the 2020 Republican National Convention do not read our local paper.

A member of City Council does not think any supporter of our president should be able to run for office. Another council member refers to our police as “terrorists.” The new owner of the Panthers refers to our president as a “scumbag.” And Monday’s Observer has a story about a Trump hater on the front page, with the story continuing on page 2A with a one-word headline, “Impeach.”

Philip M. Van Hoy,


Don’t pay attention to LaWana Mayfield

In response to “City Council member LaWana Mayfield again under fire - for likening officers to terrorists” (May 18):

Perhaps it’s time for the media, and the citizens of Charlotte, to opt out of “the LaWana Mayfield Show!” This woman is obviously desperate for attention, thus the outrageous comments guaranteed to garner an abundance of press for someone who otherwise, a mention of, might generate a “who?” response from most folks.

Janet Taylor, Lincolnton

What I get from local television news

If I were a newcomer to Charlotte, and the local networks still provided news programming, this is what I’d learn about my city:

“Weather” must be cataclysmic, because an inordinate amount of time is devoted to it.

Equally important is the reporting of crimes, as 4–5 can be painstakingly reported within a 30 minute program.

The third key element that distinguishes a “world-class” city is the amount of wrecks/fires occurring each day and the 3–4 live reports which provide nothing new.

After the news, my third grader is ecstatic, because he has seen enough gore/goo/glitz to satisfy his intellectual curiosity. And I have no sense of the real issues facing Charlotte.

Charles Newton, Charlotte

Palestinians deserve U.S. help too

In response to “Trump, consider Palestinian rights too” (May 16 Forum):

I totally agree with Forum writer Larry Bennett’s comments! What rights do the Palestinians have? Plenty!

Their land has been confiscated for years and Israel has blood on its hands. When will the U.S. be fair to the Palestinians? It is inconceivable that the U.S. would move the embassy before the scheduled peace talks with the Palestinian leaders. No wonder they walked away. Very heavy handed and unwise.

Ruth Finley, Matthews

Stop pretending guns aren’t the problem

“It’s not about the guns” is frequently heard from those who could do something about gun control.

I suggest we ask the survivors of the Santa Fe school shooting what hit them. Chances are their answers would not be culture violence, mental health, lack of religion, etc. My guess is that they would say they were hit by bullets or pellets from guns.

Also, we might examine the wounds of the dead to see what hit them, if not from the guns.

Yes, folks, in spite of what you want to believe, the cause of injury or death in school shootings is from the guns.

Kenneth Schammel,


HB 514 is the wrong move for education

In response to “CMS: Charter school bill 'nightmare for taxpayers'” (May 22):

I am very disappointed in my town board. HB514 is a bad idea.

Long ago this concept was understood: Mark 3:25 “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

If smaller schools are better, then the public school system should move in that direction, but the type of segregation that would be created by “town schools” only divides the house and hurts everyone.

Geneva Bosak, Cornelius