Letters to the Editor

You will find messages of acceptance if you look in the right churches

Progressive love can be found in church

In response to “The real star of the Royal Wedding” (May 23 Opinion):

I agree with Keith Larson that Reverend Michael Curry was the star of Saturday’s royal wedding. His sermon about the redemptive power of love was captivating and his message of inclusion was undeniable.

However, I disagree with Larson’s conclusion that this is not the message people will hear if they attend church on Sundays.

Beth Whitaker

They may not hear such words at the conservative churches he mentions, but there are plenty of progressive churches where people preach weekly about love, inclusion, and true acceptance, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or nationality.

Admittedly, not all preachers are as eloquent and enthusiastic as Curry, but many embrace these same core Christian values. I encourage people to visit the Episcopal churches over which Bishop Curry presides or those of other progressive denominations.

Beth Whitaker, Davidson

Don’t avoid the root causes of shootings

In response to “Stop pretending guns aren’t the problem” (May 23 Forum):

Forum writer Kenneth Schammel could use a lecture on the Socratic Argument to learn how to identify the “prime cause” of an incident. He might discover that the gun is the instrument not the cause. It is the inclination of the shooter that is the reason for the shooting.

Robert R. Cuminale,


City Council, admonish Mayfield

In response to “Police actually do help people” (May 22 Forum):

Thank you to Forum writer Pamela Black for your response to LaWana Mayield likening officers to terrorists.

Our officers in blue deserve so much better. I am waiting for Charlotte City Council members to address these issues. However, “mum” seems to be the word. Shame on them.

Regina Brinneman,


Fund pre-K and give kids a chance

Each day in the classroom, I see precious children with unlimited potential but whose future is clouded by a lack of early childhood education. They begin behind, because we have failed to provide them with the right tools from the start.

The statistics are heartbreaking: In Mecklenburg, less than a third of all four-year-olds have access to public pre-K. That’s one reason Charlotte ranks last among the nation’s largest cities in upward mobility.

Join me in urging Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners to approve increased funding for pre-K. Let’s give every child an equitable playing field so they have a fair chance – from their first day of school – to realize their dream.

Colleen Mack, Charlotte

Honor invitations to the White House

In response to “President Trump honors racing champion” (May 22):

I would like to personally thank Sherry Pollex and Martin Truex Jr. for accepting their invitation to the White House. What an honor, and by accepting the invitation they are showing respect for the office of the president.

Nancy Jean Campbell, Cornelius

David Tepper can speak about Trump

In response to “Keep politics out of the Panthers” (May 23 Forum):

New Panthers owner David Tepper has every right to bash Donald Trump. It’s not about being on the left or right, it’s about having principles and values, and not supporting someone who doesn’t. Do we want our children to lie, bully, insult and degrade others?

Kenneth Holder,


NFL, stop with the showy ‘patriotism’

The solution to the NFL/Anthem issue is simple. Discontinue the pseudo patriotism including the flyovers and the field-sized flags. The displays are just phony hype to help sell the games.

David Loughran, Indian Trail

Steve Lamb
Steve Lamb

Take Memorial Day seriously

I’m not sure I agree with all the sales and celebration of Memorial Day. There is constant advertising from new car dealers and department stores. July 4th is a celebration and joyful event. I think Memorial Day should be a more serious observance. Not images of cooking out and water skiing. Let’s remember our lost loved ones.

Steve Lamb, Charlotte