Letters to the Editor

I fought for people’s right to do as they wish during national anthem

Shame on the NFL and Donald Trump

In response to “NFL addresses anthem issue” (May 24):

If I am a citizen sitting in the stands of a football game and don’t choose to stand during the national anthem, that is my right under the First Amendment.

I am a retired naval officer and understand that I served 20 years to protect the rights of citizens to exercise their constitutional safeguards.

Shame on the NFL and Donald Trump.

Brenda Blackwell, Charlotte

Act civil to police, they’ll do the same

In response to “How to handle a ‘while black’ situation” (May 24 Opinion):

W.C. Bill Lane
Bill Lane

Being confronted by the police is a two-way street. Michael Hayes, the real estate investor mentioned in Issac Bailey’s column, most likely responded to the officers’ questions in a calm manner. Not jumping up, hollering, etc.

Just respond and do as asked and the situations – white and black – will end civilly.

Bill Lane, Polkville

In shootings, hold parents accountable

Another school shooting, more chest beating. Can we hope for better results?

Could we hope for some improvement if abettors were required to be accountable? For example, if a child uses a parent’s rifle, could we hold the parent responsible?

Albert Promislow, Charlotte

FBI didn’t protect Trump campaign

Curtis Elliott
Curtis Elliott

The political firestorm regarding whether the FBI illegally spied on the Trump campaign overlooks an important issue. The FBI informant acted like an undercover agent to tease out information about Russia from three Trump campaign officials.

If the FBI were truly acting to protect the integrity of the U.S. election process, why did it also not act to protect the Trump campaign from Russian intrusion by alerting campaign leadership of the Russian menace, rather than treating the campaign as a co-conspirator mob outfit from Day One?

Who is protecting whom? How under those circumstances is the FBI protecting both our country and both political campaigns from foreign threats?

Curtis Elliott, Charlotte

Trump just wants investigation to end

The president has concocted a theory that his campaign was infiltrated by the FBI and he’s demanding an investigation by the Department of Justice.

The attorney general and Congressional GOP leaders are now “reviewing” highly classified evidence collected by the FBI in 2016, ostensibly to ferret out a “spy.”

An abuse of power? Perhaps. Obstructing justice? Perhaps. Undermining the rule of law? Perhaps. Endangering confidential sources? Quite possibly.

Seeking to end the Mueller probe? Definitely.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte

Don’t go it alone with Tepper; hire a pro

Charlotte City Council and the Mecklenburg County board should hire a professional to handle any negotiations with Panthers owner David Tepper.

To do otherwise would be like a 10-year-old trying to go into the boxing ring with Joe Frazier.

Tepper, No. 43 on Forbes’ list of the 400 wealthiest people in America, undoubtedly is a shrewd businessman. To think that individually or collectively, the council/board has the skill and acumen would be a folly. It has already been noted that $75 million is available. Wow, let’s just show our hand even before we get to the table.

Michael H. Turner, Charlotte

No worries; Tepper is a man of honor

In response to “Welcome Mr. Tepper. Now do these three things.” (May 23 Editorial):

I don’t think Charlotte has to worry about David Tepper fulfilling these three things for the good of the Panther team and Charlotte. The simple reason is, he’s a mensch.

So stop worrying Charlotte, you’ve won the golden ring this time around.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Mystery solved. Thanks, Mama Dip!

Thank you for your May 21 obit on Mama Dip; it solved a 45-year mystery.

One of my fondest memories of UNC Chapel Hill was the delicious fried chicken from Bill’s BBQ. Call and a melodious voice would sing “Bill’s BBQ.” Order and within minutes your chicken order and scores of others were being delivered to your end of campus.

I have been telling my wife about this delicious chicken for 45 years, and I’ve never found any to match it.

But your obit solves the mystery; my fried chicken was being made by Mama Dip herself!

David Hyman, Charlotte