Letters to the Editor

Just do something about guns in schools!

Keep guns out; use metal detectors

Obviously, we value baseball, football and soccer fans more than we do our children! Sports fans must go through metal detectors. Why not schools?

Anna-Louise Fitzgerald
Anna-Louise Fitzgerald

Where is the leadership in education? Why isn’t the U.S. Department of Education taking charge of preventing guns from getting on school campuses?

You ask, who’ll pay for these metal detectors. Why don’t some of these highly paid athletes part with some of their fortune to help our/their children stay safe at school?

Someone needs to do something! Ban these bloody war video games, too. They brainwash kids!

Anna-Louise Fitzgerald, Charlotte

Hold irresponsible parents accountable

Responsible parents keep poisons away from young children. Responsible parents put children in car-seat restraints.

Responsible parents don’t let unskilled teens drive cars. Responsible parents store guns so they’re not accessible to children.

Time to charge the irresponsible parents with accessory when their child uses a gun to kill another parent’s child.

E.T. Shafer, Charlotte

On poverty and family planning

We already hear a lot about the lack of economic mobility and other systemic reasons for poverty, but nobody says a word about the consequences that result from a lack of personal responsibility.

A USDA report says it costs $233,610 to raise a child from birth to age 18.

People used to plan for having children based on one’s own financial ability to raise them. Now people with zero income or job skills choose to have four or five children. That type of irresponsible behavior is a significant reason why so many children are born into poverty.

Until basic family planning and a change in attitude are addressed, economic mobility will still be unreachable for many, no matter how hard we try to help.

Kenan Sneed, Charlotte

Don’t revel in black unemployment rate

Lloyd Weichinger
Lloyd Weichinger

How can we feel good about our African-American unemployment being at its lowest rate ever if it takes more than two black households to earn as much income as one white household? We should measure our success by increasing the black household income until it equals that of whites.

Hiding behind “lowest ever unemployment” is terribly dishonest.

Lloyd Weichinger, Waxhaw

Status quo failed; let’s try Trump’s way

In response to “A disastrous diplomatic mistake” (May 18 Forum):

I’ll admit Trump is not the most eloquent or circumspect of U.S. presidents, but this never-Trump nonsense has to end. Forum writer Michael A. Clark claims that under Trump the U.S. will coddle dictators and prop up authoritarian regimes.

How? By supporting the Middle East’s only true democracy, Israel? By calling the bluff of the despotic regime in Iran?

Past administrations have only danced around these issues, thus prolonging the strife and bloodshed. The status quo and platitudes of the previous administration have not worked. It’s time to try a different approach.

Bruce Bunder, Charlotte

My thanks to Jerry Richardson

In response to “Could ’2 Carolinas idea include SC practice facility?” (May 23):

Thank you, Jerry Richardson, for not selling the Panthers to a membership group that might have moved the stadium.

The day our stadium is moved south of its current location, and/or domed, will be the end of my PSL. I will become a TV Panthers fan only.

The majority of the fans live north of Charlotte on the I-77 and I-85 corridors. I am glad we have an owner with enough money that he doesn’t need to extract other revenue streams, like parking.

From what I’ve read, Mr. Richardson made an excellent choice in David Tepper.

John Shields, Mooresville

Scooters are just another hazard

Scooters in Charlotte? Why in the world does anybody need a scooter? Just another traffic and pedestrian hazard.

Why not take care of the multitude of people who need food in their stomachs and a bed under their backs?

I am a Charlotte native and plan to move back as I get older. I don’t want to compete with scooters, for gosh sakes. Just another of Charlotte’s idiotic ideas to seemingly attract attention to Charlotte – “Look what we’ve got…”

Felton Newell Temple, Fort Mill