Letters to the Editor

Cool it, Trump and Kim. Put your egos aside.

Put world safety first, not your egos

In response to “Trump cancels nuclear summit with N. Korea” (May 25):

Cool it, you two egomaniacs! The world is watching! Put your tempers aside, meet, and make the world a safer place.

John Bowling, Charlotte

Trump’s deal-making prowess on display

Howard Honeycutt
Howard Honeycutt

I have not read “The Art of The Deal” or seen “The Apprentice,” but I am betting that President Trump’s withdrawal from the North Korea talks is all part of it.

If Kim Jong Un did not know it, he knows now that he is not dealing with a wimp he can play. He is dealing with a leader who does what he says. President Trump’s critics will of course try to turn this into a big negative.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Make those NFL protest fines larger

If the NFL owners are serious about fining teams for personnel who are disrespectful during the national anthem, the fines must be large enough to get the team owner’s attention.

A $25,000 or $50,000 fine is pocket change to an NFL owner. If you use the recent sale of the Panthers as an example, an NFL franchise is worth about $2 billion. If you make the fine one-tenth of 1 percent of a franchise’s worth, you are looking at a $2 million fine.

I think that should be big enough to get an owner’s attention. So, come on NFL owners, don’t just talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk.

Vince LeGrand, Newton

Protesters shouldn’t be allowed to play

The NFL owners decided there would be no on-field protests, but it would be OK for protesting players to stay in the locker room until after the public honored America. This sounds OK, but I’d like to add that it would be OK for players who stay in the locker room to remain there until the game is over!

Bob Mays, Stallings

Charlotte is losing its personality, appeal

In response to “12-story buildings will add hundreds of apartments to SouthPark” (May 24):

When did the City of Charlotte start approving the type of apartments that reflect the stark, unattractive architecture of the 1950s: concrete and brick towers, rising up with absolutely no personality or appeal?

Our formerly lovely city is diminishing outside uptown, with no beauty or interest. What a travesty.

And how on earth did the project now underway on Providence Road across from Strawberry Hill get approved? The nice turn in the road there has become a disgust to view, buildings jammed in right up to the sidewalk, rising up like a Phoenix!

Dear God, please deliver us!

Susan Durham, Charlotte

Mayfield is hurting Charlotte’s chances

Bill Kniegge 2018
Bill Kniegge

Now that LaWana Mayfield has gotten Charlotte more national attention with her views on 9/11 and “cops as terrorists,” it’s very likely, and sad, that Charlotte will be crossed off more than one list of possible destinations for expanding companies looking for a better home.

She calls it free speech… Maybe so, but Charlotte is not looking like a serious threat to Raleigh (or many other cities) for attracting new companies and jobs.

If Mayfield keeps up this rant, they won’t need to spend the money on that 1,000-room hotel uptown.

Bill Kniegge, Waxhaw

Glad evangelicals stood up to Patterson

It is encouraging to read that the evangelical right finally got it “right” by removing the Rev. Paige Patterson from his high-ranking appointed position as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

This action is particularly noteworthy, although somewhat paradoxical, given the evangelical right’s unabashed support of a sitting president who boasts of sexually exploiting women at will.

Hopefully, Patterson and other like-minded leaders will take proper note that such disgusting rhetoric and behavior will no longer go unchallenged in today’s world.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach

Thanks for noting positive progress

In response to Issac Bailey “How to handle a ‘while black’ situation” (May 24 Opinion):

I salute Issac Bailey’s unusual positive focus in his recent op-ed column. Issac typically echoes the preponderant view we see in the media on such issues, which highlights the imperfect around us, and what has yet to be achieved.

Thank you for some rare recognition of positive progress that we have already made.

Jim Meagher, Charlotte