Letters to the Editor

ACLU wants to protect lawbreakers, punish responsible citizens

ACLU wants to reward lawbreakers

In response to “ACLU lawsuit contends that revoking driver’s license for traffic debt is illegal in NC” (May 31):

Alan Dockery
Alan Dockery

Here we go again. Punish responsible citizens. Reward law-breakers and show they will not be punished.

Every person who cares about poor people losing driver’s licenses because they refuse to pay fines is free to pay those fines for them. Problem immediately solved.

Private citizens can manage the situation and determine who they want to pay for.

Alan Dockery, Newton

Renew ‘Roseanne’ so America can learn

Hardin Minor 2016
Hardin Minor

Bravo to Starbucks for a serious dialogue addressing implicit bias in the workplace. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should do likewise regarding social justice concerns in the NFL.

Kudos ABC for canceling “Rosanne.” Now, renew her show so that her character addresses her implicit bias (with Valerie Jarrett in a segment as Rosanne’s counselor!). Great opportunity for America together to tackle these issues head on.

Hardin M. Minor, Charlotte

Once again, Trump makes it about him

In response to “Trump focuses on ABC apology in Barr response” (May 31):

We are an imperfect lot, complete with our learned biases. We need our leaders to be our better angels and spotlight inappropriate, racist or bigoted remarks.

When presented with a very low bar to be presidential, the White House incumbent tripped over it. Rather than condemning the inappropriate racist remarks, the president chose to make it about him.

This is yet another unfortunate lapse in judgment. Bigotry cannot be tolerated no matter who does it.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

I see Yogi Berra logic on Pelosi’s part

The noted philosopher, Nancy Pelosi, recently postulated that every illegal immigrant – which inevitably includes MS-13 gang members – has a “spark of divinity.” She also apparently feels that human embryos do not.

Somewhere Yogi Berra is nodding in approval of such logic.

Steve Kardisco, Hickory

Fans, players should both honor anthem

In response to “Kneeling isn’t enough for change” (May 31 Forum) and related letters:

Paul Korry 2016
Paul Korry

Fans pay top dollar to attend any professional sports games. They don’t come to see protesting by “paid employees” of any sport.

Hopefully the team owners can understand this as well.

Additionally, Forum writer Linda Harris’ point about the activities at the concession stands also needs attention. There’s just no rush to get a beverage, hot dog, etc. while the national anthem is being honored. There’s a time and place for both activities.

Paul Korry, Fort Mill

Take those protests to the courthouse

I am a veteran who served eight years in the military so that these overpaid prima donnas can play their game. They are showing their disrespect for those who served and for the flag we served under.

If they are protesting injustice, they should go to the courthouse or other government facility. If I, or most anyone else, protested at our place of employment we would likely be fired.

Lawrence Hoyle, Fallston

Contrived notion of white rage shameful

In response to “We have an angry white man problem” (May 31 Forum):

All peoples are capable of horrific actions – just look at crime statistics in any major city.

This contrived notion of school shooters “mimicking the rage we find in the White House and the conservative wing in Congress” is absolutely reprehensible. No conservatives, nor any people I’ve ever met, condone school shootings. There is zero evidence to support that any race is predisposed to violence.

You should be ashamed for even humoring this degenerate fantasy.

John Daly, Charlotte

Please, stop sending those address labels

An open letter to all charitable organizations:

Please, do not send me any more return address stickers. I will support you without them. I calculated how much it would cost me in postage if I used every one of the stickers I currently have and it came to $283.22. That is without buying a card to put in the envelope. No more please.

Donald McLaren, Charlotte