Letters to the Editor

No-debate budget gives away my hard-earned tax dollars

Don’t give my tax dollars to charters

In response to “Measure allowing school charters run by towns primed for passage” (June 1) and related articles:

Steve Jones 2016
Stephen Jones

The goal of the GOP is to defund government and give taxpayer money to private companies.

This is their goal with their no-debate state budget and the giving away of our hard-earned dollars to charter schools.

Is anyone giving you taxpayer money? Me either.

Stephen Jones, Charlotte

We have an angry boy problem too

In response to “We have an angry white man problem” (May 31 Forum):

Sheila Peltzer
Sheila Peltzer

We have a boy/man problem, period. That is why “The Boy Crisis” was just published and why there is a proposal to establish a White House Council on Boys and Men. Why not? We’ve had one for girls and women for years.

Sheila Peltzer, Charlotte

Put abstinence front and center in sex-ed

In response to “We’re set back by ‘abstinence only’ ” (May 31 Forum):

It is estimated that single women have three out of four abortions in this country. So the root cause of three out of four abortions is men having sex with women who are not their wives.

Any sex education that does not put abstinence front and center only empowers and encourages men to keep doing this.

It ensures the continuation of the loathsome practice of abortion.

Mark Costello, Charlotte

Make family planning easier for poor

In response to “On poverty and family planning” (June 28 Forum):

Laura Reich

Forum writer Kenan Sneed is concerned that “people with zero income or job skills choose to have four or five children.” I would question whether having that many children has been a “choice.”

As a country, we could do much more to help with family planning for low-income families. More sex education is needed in schools, along with easy and free access to reliable birth control for low-income women.

Instead of making abortion more difficult by passing unnecessary ultrasound laws and waiting periods, make sure low-income women have access to abortion should they choose that option.

I agree family planning is necessary, but recent pushes to cut Title X funding will make family planning harder, not easier, and it will result in more births.

Laura Reich, Matthews

The nanny state has hit a new low

In response to “ACLU lawsuit contends that revoking driver's license for traffic debt is illegal in NC” (May 31):

Having a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right, and as such there are certain responsibilities that go along with that privilege. When you violate the conditions of that privilege there are consequences – fines, loss of privilege.

If one cannot afford to pay the fines for violating the conditions that go with a driver’s license, then maybe arrangements should be made to make payments. To forgive the penalty sends the wrong message to the offender and similar offenders.

Actions have consequences; everyone needs to learn this lesson.

Rick Toot, Matthews

Save your opinions until after the game

There are many awful injustices in the world, like the shooting of innocent black men by police, and most people are well aware of them. However, many fans go to sports events hoping to forget personal problems and worrisome news reports, not to be reminded of them.

When the athletes’ protests center around the national emblem, which represents our ideals and sacrifices, it creates the perception that the players think the flag and the anthem represent bad things.

People like Colin Kaepernick would be wiser to voice their opinions in post-game interviews or on late-night talk shows.

Phil Clutts, Harrisburg

TSA-like crews at schools? No thanks

In response to “Put metal detectors in schools now” (May 31 Forum):

John Marszalek
John Marszalek

Forum writer Marvin Walrath presents a simplistic view of metal detectors. By themselves, metal detectors cannot keep guns out of schools any more than they can keep guns out of airports. It takes a full-time crew of support personnel to interpret the machine’s beeps and displays.

Do we really want to have a TSA-like crew at each school house door? I really don’t think so.

John Marszalek, Charlotte