Letters to the Editor

Pre-K helped my son; Mecklenburg should fund that opportunity for more children

Pre-K starts kids on the right path

In response to “Advocates concerned that money for child-care subsidies is inadequate” (June 5):

I hope and pray the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners will approve funding to expand pre-K. For my son, Haiden, pre-K has been a light bulb, helping him discover the joy of learning. Pre-K has given him the skills and nurturing to flourish in kindergarten – a key to flourishing throughout school and life.

My grandmother cared for Haiden so I could finish school. When she passed away, I was able to enroll him in pre-K. This fall, I’ll graduate from Johnson C. Smith University.

I’m proud that Haiden is on the path to academic success. One of the pre-K goals is to read at least 200 books in a year. Together, he and I read more than 2,000. Support expanded pre-K so that the light bulb shines for all.

Michelle Gallman,


Disappointed in N.C. Republicans

The North Carolina Republican legislators’ budget has given us no vision for a stronger, safer, more vibrant government. Republican lawmakers have opened the door for more resegregation of schools and the creation of a larger gap between rich and poor school systems. It appears Republican lawmakers have an unwavering allegiance to hijack the economy and deny North Carolinians a level of good governance that enhances and supports its citizens.

These lawmakers will continue to promote their wrongheaded, misguided polices. How unfortunate that we, the citizens of North Carolina, have to beg the Republican Party for the crumbs off our own table.

Shirley Kniffley, Charlotte

Where’s the logic in traffic debt?

In response to “What’s the traffic debt alternative?” (June 5 Forum):

Let me see if I can understand the rationale of recent writers: Man works job, needs car to get to work. Man gets speeding ticket. Man’s pay barely meets living expenses, so man can either pay his fine, or pay for rent and food for his family. Man doesn’t pay fine. Man loses driver’s license. Man loses job. Family goes on welfare.

Yep, that sounds about right.

Mark Selleck, Waxhaw

Veterans defend the whole Constitution

In response to “Would you call me an unpatriotic veteran?” (June 6 Forum):

Forum writer Brian Rhoads, you definitely are a patriotic American and veteran!

Thank you for your service. Thank you for defending the Constitution and the First Amendment rights of all of us, including peaceful protesters and kneeling football players. If people don’t understand what you and your service stand for, they are less, not you!

Dorothy Shattuck,


Larry Singer
Larry A. Singer

For NFL teams, image matters

Forum writer Brian Rhoads indicated he is a veteran who supports sports figures protesting publicly at games. He asked if readers consider him an unpatriotic veteran.

As a retired career military veteran, I don’t believe he is necessarily unpatriotic, but he should have learned that when one is part of an American institution, image is paramount. Players make an unbelievable amount of money for playing sports, nothing else. The audience overwhelmingly loves patriotic events, and expects respect for our flag, especially at an event that is so American.

Players that defy the team’s image equates to a military member refusing to march at a military parade because of political beliefs. It’s a slam to the team and country. Thank America for your fortune.

Larry A. Singer, Cornelius

Politics shouldn’t harm Panthers team

In response to “Smith: Trump’s decision ‘cowardly’” (June 6):

When the Panthers acquired Torrey Smith I thought they were getting a talented and experienced wide receiver. Actually what they got was the political face of this football team.

I agree with almost nothing he says politically, but that’s OK because everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, as a PSL owner I do care about how well the Panthers do each year.

But since Smith puts his politics in my face almost daily in the “sports” section, I am unable to distinguish between the football player and the political activist.

Hopefully, my ill will won’t spill over to the Panthers team as a whole, but I hope Smith doesn’t catch a pass all season. I hope the Panthers shut down this divisive element quickly.

Richard Martin, Charlotte