Letters to the Editor

Advocating for neighborhood schools isn’t discriminatory or racist

Nothing wrong with local schools

In response to “Bill’s passage clears path for 4 town charter schools” (June 7):

As long as a city or town doesn’t have illegal rules barring individuals based on race from renting or purchasing living quarters, then schools built for those areas aren’t racist nor discriminatory.

The Charlotte Observer in related articles has mentioned schools that are attended by predominantly black and Hispanic students, yet the Observer didn’t refer to those schools as being discriminatory, nor purposefully segregated.

There’s nothing wrong with creating and attending schools near one’s home and wanting it to be as good as possible regardless of the racial makeup of that area.

Dina Kim, Charlotte

Diversity is critical for good education

In response to “I went to Matthews schools, and I see the value of diversity” (June 10 For the Record):

I read with interest the extremely well-written article by young Clara Leonard in Sunday’s Observer, about the value of diversity in Matthews schools. I totally agree with her.

Where else are we ever going to learn to get along and to value the opinions of others if it doesn’t start in childhood? Most young children are colorblind. They only learn prejudices as they grow older. This is not what this country is about.

We are supposed to have equal opportunity for all.

Kudos to Ms. Leonard’s teachers and support system at Butler High School. She is a credit to your efforts.

Karin Kemp, Matthews

Legal immigration is not simple

In response to “Trump’s immigration reform is sensible” (June 8 Forum):

I must be missing something. Bruce Moline’s letter says that parents could easily avoid being separated from their children by simply becoming legal immigrants.

Maybe the word “simply” would apply if one were immigrating from Norway or Iceland, and I’m not sure about that, but it certainly isn’t a simple matter if one is coming from Guatemala, Mexico, Syria – that list goes on and on.

What am I not understanding?

Melva Hanna, Charlotte

I will miss Charles Krauthammer’s voice

I used to eagerly read Charles Krauthammer’s op ed piece on Saturdays in the Charlotte Observer and really felt the void when it disappeared some months ago. His was the best, most reasoned intellectual conservative voice anywhere.

I always wanted to tell him, but never did, that he spoke for me and so many others as well. Now I’ve heard the unbearably sad news that his days on this earth have dwindled down to just a few and I wonder who will speak for us.

Diane Eaton, Indian Trail

Voter ID laws aren’t necessary

In response to Our View “Voter ID no better with age” (June 8 Editorial):

So Tim Moore, John Sauls, and David Lewis agree that “protecting our democracy should be one of lawmakers’ highest priorities.”

Once again, they’re on the march for voter ID, an issue without a corresponding problem.

As their fervor for democracy is so high, perhaps they could address rigging their own elections via gerrymandering.

Harry Taylor, Charlotte

Do people really not have IDs?

There is much debate about requiring ID to vote and allegations of discrimination. I would like to suggest the following.

This November have the polling places do a survey. Ask voters if they have a government-issued picture ID, but do not require it to vote. This is the 21st century. You need ID to cash checks, buy certain products, open bank accounts, in many places to see a doctor, and more.

I’d like to get a feel for how many people would be denied the right to vote should IDs be required, or is that a question the liberals do not want answered?

Kenneth M. Kyzer,


Deborah Beck
Deborah Beck

Cheers to young man’s hard work

In response to “Despite obstacles in school, court, he never gave up - and succeeded” (June 10):

I read every word of the story about Ja’Quaveyon Barber and was cheering by the end. I hope he keeps speaking to younger students. His is a positive story about how refusing to give up and working hard pays off. And kudos to his parents for believing in him and instilling a work ethic.

On a side note, I hope that security guard was fired!

Deborah Beck, Iron Station