Letters to the Editor

If you’re calling for minority representation in the White House, consider joining the GOP

White House can’t force GOP diversity

In response to “White House lacks diversity; that hurts” (June 8 Forum):

Sharon Sullivan
Sharon Sullivan

Forum writer Sylvia Gaines, who said there is no one of color at the White House meetings, cannot have it both ways. There would be more people of color at those meetings if they were Republicans, but they will not join that party.

Don’t blame the president and his cabinet for the lack of black Americans. Black Americans have repeatedly kept themselves away from that party, so if there is no representation then that is their choice.

As a black American myself, this has been my observation.

Sharon Sullivan, Charlotte

Why can’t you take the political talk?

In response to "Politics shouldn't harm Panthers team" (June 7 Forum):

So, Forum writer Richard Martin, glad to hear you can afford to be a PSL owner. Do you really think that means your political views are more important than those of someone who is using his public voice to protest the social injustice that minorities face every day in this country?

Let me guess — you don’t want on-the-field protest... or protests in the press. So where? And why are you so bothered by it that you would rather sacrifice the success of your beloved team than let Torrey Smith express his views?

Pat Loepsinger,


Neighborhood schools can be fair

In response to “Nothing wrong with local schools” (June 12 Forum):

I agree with Dina Kim’s letter indicating that there are no rules preventing people from purchasing or renting living quarters in any section of Charlotte. Those choices are based on economics and earning power.

If every person attending school in Charlotte were the same race, would there be an equal effort to provide a diverse education, based on affluence? Children should attend schools in their own neighborhood, and those schools should all have the same level and quality of resources.

Black does not always equal poor just like white does not always equal affluence. Hey kids, want to eventually live in a better neighborhood? Stay in school, have discipline, don’t have babies too soon, stay out of jail, and give yourself a chance to earn a comfortable living.

Peter Snyder, Charlotte

Augie Beasley
Augie Beasley

Protecting Silent Sam is a waste

In response to “Protecting Silent Sam costs UNC $1,700 per day” (June 11):

Why is UNC at Chapel Hill spending such an inordinate amount of money to protect the statue Silent Sam? The money could be used for scholarships instead of overtime to pay for officers to protect such a divisive statue.

It is time to move Silent Sam indoors or why not to Bennett Place State Historic Site?

This symbol of racism on North Carolina's past should be removed from the flagship of the state's university system.

Augie E. Beasley, Charlotte

Trump is creating Canada problem

In response to “White House ups attack against Canada's Trudeau” (June 11)

Trump is attacking Canada's Prime Minister with insults even a five-year-old would cringe at.

So, our foreign policy has devolved into alienating our allies while praising dictators. As a Canadian living in this wonderful country, I am truly offended by the actions of our man-child president. Canada has a long history of being America's strongest and most faithful friend.

Canadians may be an unassuming folk on the world stage but they will not stand for such scurrilous attacks. Any new foreign tariff imposed upon us will simply be a desperate reaction to Trump's desire to wreak havoc on our allies and trading partners. You can slap a friend only so many times before he slaps back.

Reed Shaddock, Charlotte

How much voter suppression is OK?

In response to “Do people really not have IDs?” (June 12 Forum):

I wonder what number of people who are denied the right to vote should IDs be required is acceptable to Forum writer Kenneth Kyzer? I would submit that one is too many.

Tom McNeill, Charlotte