Letters to the Editor

Our politicians are failing, so let’s limit them all to one term

Ed Carlson
Ed Carlson

One-term limit for all politicians

It is readily apparent our current system of government has become a dismal failure. The greed, corruption, partisanship and overall apathy are disgraceful! Career politicians are destroying this country.

An effective solution would be a national referendum calling for a Constitutional amendment to limit the president, Congress and Supreme Court justices to a single, four-year term of office!

“One and Done” would eliminate most of the pitfalls that plague our governing bodies today.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Impeachment would be more of the same

I do not want President Trump to be impeached. I find him to be despicable. He has lied, assaulted women, has shown no morals.

But Vice President Pence is waiting in the wings. He touts his religious beliefs but he has stood by the president during all the lies. The same is true for Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr.

Perhaps their Bibles don’t have the Ten Commandments.

Bill McInnis, Charlotte

Give context in immigration debate

Reading TV news, newspaper editorials, and quotes from prominent people, one could easily gain the impression the United States was wrongfully ripping innocent children away from their resisting parents and putting them into concentration camps.

This is absolutely not the case. These people are trying to enter our country illegally, and have brought their children along to enter illegally as well.

If the United States returned these children to their parents, and suggested they return to their own country, all would be over.

But this is not what these parents want. They are the ones who are causing the problem. Whether you believe in open borders or not, at the very least the situation should be examined wholly and truthfully.

Edward F. Newell,


I know the fear of immigrating

I still have nightmares, at my age, of fear of being separated from my parents. I was born in 1944 in Brussels, Belgium. My father was a German Jew who had been stripped of his German citizenship, and my mother was a Belgian Catholic who hid many Jews in her hotel, including my father. Children at that time had the nationality of their father, hence my sister and I had no nationality at all.

My family immigrated to Argentina and I vividly remember the terrifying fear of entering that new country without any citizenship. When my children were born in the U.S., I became an American citizen, with much pride, as soon as I could, for fear of being separated from my American children.

Please, Land of the Free, stop this madman!

Paulette Beatty, Charlotte

Trump’s gag rule hurts women

Argentina is on the cusp of a major decision regarding the future of reproductive health and freedom. Everybody deserves access to all family planning options, including safe, legal abortion.

A critical point in this debate is the source of abortion funding. If the Argentinian government won’t subsidize abortions, then Argentinians would depend on NGOs to provide this service.

Trump’s Global Gag Rule restricts access to family planning by forcing healthcare providers to choose between desperately needed funding and providing patients with comprehensive options. The results are deadly, leading to 2.5 million unsafe abortions in countries like Argentina worldwide. We must stop Trump (and in N.C., Sens. Tillis and Burr) from undermining the health, empowerment and rights of people worldwide.

Let’s create a global healthcare system that ensures comprehensive reproductive healthcare for all.

Erica Hennes, Matthews

We’ve made this tariff mistake before

Ninety years have passed since Herbert Hoover campaigned for president advocating implementation of tariffs, which led to the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930. The Act was widely considered by economists to be a major factor exacerbating the Great Depression. This is a part of our history that most of us don’t seem to remember.

Now we have a new president whose ego is taking us back in time whereby we can relive this dark part of our history, and those in control of our government are doing nothing to stop him. Hoover lasted for only one term, whereas the effects of his tariffs continued long after he was gone. We can stop Trump’s march of madness in November by voting people into office who will stand up to him.

Bob Kirby, Charlotte.