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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.24.15

Dan Laurent
Dan Laurent

In response to “Major GOP donor withholds $25,000 over House budget” (May 21)

Now I see how far to right N.C. leans

At first I was surprised and disappointed the Observer would waste front page space to reveal such predictable information.

Bob Luddy and the Civitas Institute stand far to the right and are therefore, by definition, opposed to anything resembling a moderate position on the major issues facing our state.

However, the more I think about it I’m glad the Observer featured this information. It goes to confirm how far to the right we have allowed our state to drift.

Dan Laurent


In response to O-pinion “Peacock rides again” (May 20 Opinion):

Observer quick to pounce on Peacock. Show some respect.

The condescending editorial concerning Edwin Peacock’s mayoral announcement was inappropriate!

Peacock has a long history of engaged honest public service to this city, and if for no other reason that should garner him at least a modicum of respect.

I think most of us, including the Observer, would agree that his election, as opposed to the disgraced, dishonest person who won, would have been preferable.

Gilbert E. Galle


In response to “Tensions rise over county board prayer” (May 19):

Others on Meck board should’ve jumped to Cotham’s defense

When I studied American history I read about groups that came to this land of the free so they could practice their religion without persecution.

That history of freedom is why the Constitution forbids government establishing any religion.

Americans are supposed to be able to practice, or not, any religion they choose. It does not say “only Christians,” and it definitely forbids requiring religion as a government mandate.

Mecklenburg commissioner Bill James was correct to speak out in Pat Cotham’s defense, but more board members also should have done so.

Jack Berryhill


In response to “There is much to learn from Iraq” (May 20 Viewpoint):

We can learn from Iraq about separation of church and state

David Brooks cites “sectarian savagery” in the Middle East. Here in Charlotte we see continued “sectarian intolerance” on prayer in the public forum.

At what point does sectarian intolerance turn bad – protest, riot, conflict, war, savagery?

As the Christian population shrinks, I suggest our religious leaders re-evaluate their church/state separation views.

We can coexist, and I’m sure that’s what our founding fathers intended with the First Amendment.

Barney Mulholland

Indian Trail

In response to “The clown car GOP field” (May 20 Viewpoint):

If there is a clown car, it’s Dana Milbank doing the driving

Dana Milbank’s column on the large field of GOP candidates was laughable.

When one has nothing to brag about, one resorts to the childish practice of making fun of the other person. I can understand that in Milbank’s case. Hillary is nothing to brag about.

Carol Reid


In response to “What to do with history that offends” (May 20 Viewpoint):

Don’t use prism of political correctness to change history

Bob Ray Sanders’ column brings to mind the recent renaming of the Charles B. Aycock building at East Carolina University.

History through the prism of political correctness is not history.

Students should not be taught to judge someone’s standards from over 100 years ago by today’s standards.

We cannot change the facts of history by a simple stroke of the pen, nor should we.

Larry Bunch


Thanks, Meck Park and Rec, for Bearden Park concert series

I’ll admit I was wrong. I was convinced Romare Bearden Park would be nothing more than a gloried “doggie destination,” another waste of our tax dollars.

I’ve seen the park’s success.

When government gets it right, we should applaud. Hats off to the fine folks who arrange the entertainment.

Bill Wood