Letters to the Editor

CMS is not looking out for suburban kids

The school board is neglecting our kids

In response to “CMS plays hardball with suburbs on building plans” (Aug. 29):

The truth has finally been laid bare. For years, as I have served on CMS oversight committees, I have witnessed continued disdain for suburban parents and their children. The needs of these children, who should have been included in the CMS jargon of “every” child or “all” children, have been neglected. The school board has had the nerve to put its anger and subsequent punishment strategies in writing all because of where families have chosen to live. Blocking school construction and threatening reassignment can only lead to more bailout from strong families who have supported CMS, even when CMS has not reciprocated.

Ellen Martin, Charlotte

Our children are being punished

In response to “CMS plays hardball with suburbs on building plans” (Aug. 29):

I find this action by the CMS school board to be heavy handed and it sounds like something a spoiled child would do. This act will not punish the adults who supported Rep. Brawley’s bill (I am not one of them) it will punish the school children who will be pushed into overcrowded schools and outdated facilities.

This board is elected to serve all of Mecklenburg County not just the people who support them. And this is coming from a liberal!

Gray Newman, Mint Hill

I blame Democratic judges for NC chaos

In response to “Monday’s court ruling on districts leads to confusion” (Aug 29):

Jim Cherry
Jim Cherry

Former Senate majority leader Harry Reid used the nuclear option to load up the court system with Democratic judges. Monday’s ruling is total chaos and is totally confusing to both candidates and the voters.

Democrats need to control the U.S. House to start the process to impeach President Trump and are willing to do any dirty tricks or maneuvers to accomplish the goal. No wonder Americans like me are losing faith in the FBI, CIA, IRS, Justice Department, and now the most sacred of cows – the judicial system.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Doing nothing about guns isn’t working

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson

In response to “Florida shooter targeted victims, officials say” (Aug. 28):

After yet another mass shooting in America, in addition to three shootings over two days in Charlotte, doing nothing to address this issue is not working.

I believe we can still honor Second Amendment rights and enact better gun governance. My question for gun owners is: What do you suggest we do to govern the ownership of a device designed to kill?

We govern car ownership to keep the driver, passengers and others safe. Surely we can add better governance to gun ownership.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Tackle immigration or build a wall

In response to “Don’t forget the 528 separated children” (Aug. 29 Forum):

I haven’t forgotten the children. I wonder why some of the parents or guardians haven’t come forward to claim the children. I assume maybe they’d rather have them in America than returned to them. A difficult choice, I would assume.

I believe the choice for America is to stop them at the border, with a new immigration program or even a wall. This practice of allowing any and all a free entrance to this country should be stopped.

It should be a nonpartisan issue. Act now.

Butch Fisher, Charlotte

Focus on future, not statues of the past

I understand the collective call to remove statues. Regretfully, we cannot change the past, we are only charged to learn from it or we are doomed to repeat it.

May I suggest instead of destroying the past, change the future by donating your time? Communities in Schools can talk to you about volunteering your time with troubled youth who need role models. The Boys & Girls Clubs need young adults spending time with at-risk youth. You can always help tutor local elementary school children who need assistance with math or reading, an educational step up.

I urge you to seek alternatives that will make a difference in our future generations.

Teraesa Follin, Archdale

John McCain was a true hero

So that we don't lose heart it is important that we be reminded from time to time that we have had great leadership in this country in the past. John McCain was such a man. He showed us the importance of truth, honor and respect for people who disagree with us. In a time when heroes are hard to find he was a true hero. It is a shame that we lost him when we needed him most.

Robert Dulin, Charlotte