Letters to the Editor

Our schools aren’t preparing students for the real world

Students need more real life lessons

In response to “Schools should aim higher than creating good workers” (Aug. 24 Opinion):

As a recent high school graduate, I believe the education system fails to prepare students for problems faced in the real world. More than once I sat in classrooms, disengaged and forced to listen to a lecture that can’t be applied in the future.

If schools were really designed to create “empowered citizens,” they would teach lessons that pertain to good citizenship, such as the process of voting, paying taxes, or navigating the health care system. Today, as students graduate and prepare for life on their own, they are left vulnerable and placed into situations with no prior knowledge.

Ultimately, our education system should focus on creating not only good workers, but also citizens who are able to properly function in society.

Logan Long, Greenville NC

President Trump hasn’t done much

In response to “Trump’s feats speak for themselves” (Sept. 5 Forum):

Ken Owensby
Ken Owensby

It has to do with the repeated showing of both the president’s character and ignorance. Why make the statement if you don’t know the facts about Lake Norman? He does it because he lies routinely and the media are calling him out on it as they should.

The economy has been growing just fine for nine years and while unemployment is down, working people are struggling to feed their families. Because of low wages, having a job is becoming a meaningless statistic in quality of life.

Ken Owensby, Charlotte

Inform more instead of banning arcades

In response to “People are winning – and losing – big at this hot NC arcade trend. But is it legal?” (Aug. 15 Forum):

Stephen Gilmore
Stephen V. Gilmore

Gambling addicts lose large amounts of money hoping for a winner. That could just as easily describe gamblers addicted to the so-called North Carolina Education Lottery. So why then is the NC lottery OK, but fish arcades aren’t?

Simple: because the NC lottery benefits government and fish arcades don’t. Critics are calling for a ban on fish arcades. However, no matter how hard you try, you can’t outlaw stupidity.

The solution: more information and better education of the populace. This has reduced many objectionable activities (smoking comes to mind). No reason it can’t be tried to reduce addiction to gambling, opioids, and other undesirable activities.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Give our president a break, everyone

In response to “Impeach President Trump? That’s just a liberal fantasy” (Sept. 2 Opinion):

I applaud Marc Thiessen’s article. Finally, someone has spoken clearly and given references about the obviously absurd Democratic rhetoric that has been flying since our president announced his intention to run for office. Please, Democrats, clean up your own house and quit crying. Better yet, how about trying (for a change) to show support for our president in at least some manner.

No one is perfect. However, it is abundantly clear that our president is at least trying to create change as he promised in his campaign. Our president has to fight to correct the many issues he inherited, and he has to fight every day with people for whom he is trying to create a better nation. Please everyone, give our president a break!

Harry Clark, Concord

Americans just need to try harder

In response to “Jobs decline as immigration rises” (Sept. 5 Forum):

Forum writer William Anderson is blaming the effect, and not addressing the cause. You want to know why immigrants are seeming to have the upper hand? To get here, they have worked hard and have taken their education seriously. Today, Americans always want to take the easy route. We treat those people who strive for better education as elite rather than celebrating the fact.

Americans are used to getting a ribbon for just showing up. Companies don’t want you to just show up, but to help them excel. This is lost on most Americans today.

Want to get hired? Be better and don’t just be the de facto choice because the other guy has been locked out.

Charles Fortanbary, Charlotte

Keep my sports and politics separated

Colin Kaepernick is now the face of the NFL and Nike. I already dumped the NFL and now it’s time to dump Nike’s overpriced merchandise. All I wanted from the NFL was football, and from Nike, clothing. Both without either’s entry into politics!

Jim Prive, Waxhaw