Letters to the Editor

U.S. ambassador attacking journalists is the final straw

Nikki Haley has lost my future vote

My respect for Nikki Haley eroded after her op-ed on the New York Times op-ed. The fire of endless distraction is fueled by the president himself and the duty of the “frenzied media” is to keep reporting it. A free press, speaking truth to power, plays a big part in keeping our democracy. Her “enthusiastic support of most of this administration’s decisions and the direction it is taking our country” leaves me cold.

The policy of undoing everything her predecessors have done is not progress, and lying and tweeting is not governance. One thing we do agree on is dissent. I am going to exercise my dissent in the upcoming election. It is a collective way we the people can speak truth to power!

Helen T. Leigh, Mooresville

You can’t deny climate change now

Renard Burris
Renard Burris

Reading articles, watching reports and experiencing first-hand the frenzied preparations across the predicted impact areas for Hurricane Florence highlight the inexplicable position of climate change deniers.

How can so large a percentage of the population be comfortable with selling out the future habitability of the only known environment where man can exist because they don’t believe the science of climate change? Why do so many people trust science-based predictions of storm strength and track to the extent that they raid grocery shelves, board up houses and evacuate inland, but don’t trust it enough to reveal the undeniable trends of climate change? It is the same science.

Renard Burris, Charlotte

I understand the Republican silence

When I hear reference to the Holocaust, Hitler, or Nazis, I ask myself what I would have done had I lived in Germany at that time. My honest assessment is that, even though I didn’t like it, I would have turned my back, gone along and been silent. I wouldn’t have gotten involved; I had too much to lose by speaking up.

So, I understand the silence of many Republicans in the face of the attacks on our democracy and its institutions. In the short term, Republicans have much to lose by standing up against the party and president that have been successful in implementing conservative policies.

Will those gains be worth the loss of some of the fundamental values on which our country was built?

John Muehl, Asheville

Why all the fuss about photo ID?

FDA rules require photo ID to buy pseudoephedrine drugs, like Sudafed, at a pharmacy. North Carolina requires photo ID for a marriage license and for notarization. And for those over 18 years old, photo ID is required to fly.

If photo ID is required for Sudafed purchase, a marriage license, or notarization, why would photo ID to vote be so substantially different?

Judson Stringfellow, Charlotte

Doubting Trump is not treason

Gene Kavadlo
Gene Kavadlo

Referencing the New York Times anonymous op-ed, Forum writer Ted Holland poses the question “isn’t subversively undermining the efforts of a duly elected presidential administration considered treason?”

According to Article 3, Section 3 of our Constitution, “Treason against the United states shall consist only of levying war against them, or adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Furthermore, the Constitutional Dictionary defines treason as “the offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one’s country or of assisting its enemies in war.”

So, Mr. Holland, the answer to your question is not treason, although Trump would like us to think that treason is any criticism of him.

Gene Kavadlo, Charlotte

Starting a movement comes with sacrifice

It’s sad to see people try to hide their racism behind patriotism or belittle Colin Kaepernick’s efforts be saying he’s “only sacrificed his career.” What they don’t or won’t realize is that, in this day and age, becoming the face of a movement brings all the risks as those serving their country in foreign lands. Just ask Malcolm X or MLK.

Timothy Weeks, Fort Mill

Robbing veterans is truly despicable

In response to “GoFundMe money raised for NC veteran is gone” (Sept. 4 Forum):

This makes me miserable that people can swindle people worse off then them for “lavish trips, shopping sprees, and gambling.” These people used a veteran to make money and then pretended that they would help him, when in reality they just helped themselves.

This is despicable behavior, and it needs to stop. I don’t understand how people could think that buying physical goods is more important than helping people in need get back to where they should be. The couple used his case as a sad story for people to donate to so that they could go on vacation. The behavior that they showed is disgusting.

Siddhant Mody, Charlotte