Letters to the Editor

Dems using underhanded tactics to deny Kavanaugh a seat

Dem’s dirty tactics give me flashbacks

When Mitt Romney ran against Barack Obama in 2012, then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed that Romney had not paid taxes for 10 years. This accusation turned out to be patently false, yet Reid later bragged to the media that his comments helped keep Romney from winning the election.

So are the Democrats now using Reid’s underhanded tactics to deny Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation? Sure looks like dirty politics deja vu to me!

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Kavanaugh could have just said this

When this hooraw all started, what if Judge Brett Kavanaugh had said something like this:

“I was 17 years old, and I was drunk. I am not at all clear on what happened that evening, but my behavior was described as grossly inappropriate. I offer my sincerest apology for whatever I was reported to have done. I do not recall any of this, and I have never, ever, before or since, given cause to suspect similar behavior on my part.”

If he had said this, where would we all be by now?

Ted Lucas, Charlotte

All I see is character assassination

Whatever you may think of what happened to Merrick Garland, he was never subjected to the character assassination that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being subjected to. This is beyond disgusting.

Allegations that cannot be corroborated fall to the level of high school gossip and yellow journalism.

That our Senate is even entertaining this makes me wonder how low we can go. By parading this garbage the Democrats are not defending women, they are simply covering themselves in filth. For shame.

Diane Eaton, Indian Trail

Town’s criticism of Red Cross was unfair

In response to “Small NC town upset that Red Cross didn't deliver as promised” (Sept. 26):

The aid that the Red Cross provides is funded by donations, not by federal tax money. The Red Cross has no governmental responsibility. Their work is entirely altruistic.

Complaints of “unmet needs” should be balanced against the millions of “met needs” the Red Cross provides worldwide every year.

Consider the consequences if there were no Red Cross! Rather than complain what the Red Cross didn’t do, donate so they can do more.

Dave Smith, Fort Mill

I-77 tolls are steep by comparison

In response to “Here’s how much it will cost to use I-77 toll lanes when they open” (Sept. 27):

You can drive 26 miles on the West Virginia Turnpike for $2. You can drive 26 miles on the Ohio Turnpike for $2. Seems like North Carolina should have contracted with the Ohio or West Virginia DOT rather than Cintra.

Don Reiner, Mount Holly

Candidates should have attended forum

I attended a nonpartisan candidates’ forum with NC House candidates Tuesday night in Charlotte.

Twenty-two candidates were on the program, a Republican and a Democrat from each of 11 districts. Nine Democrats and one Republican showed up.

It is possible that some candidates did not attend because they believe, as has been reported, that one of the sponsors, the League of Women Voters, is biased. This is a cowardly excuse.

This event was not about the candidates’ opinions of one of the sponsors; it was about the voters being able to see and hear the candidates. As voters, we deserve better.

Catherine Stadelman, Charlotte

Scooters should be banned uptown

In response to “Official: Crash shows need for scooter rules” (Sept. 27):

Motorized scooters should not be regulated. They should be banned in uptown Charlotte.

They are a danger to the public. I witnessed three young men on these scooters uptown and they were out there having “fun” and did not slow down for the stop sign at an intersection.

Elizabeth R. Warren, Charlotte

Have we gotten used to being lied to?

Have we as Americans become so accustomed to being lied to that we no longer question what we are told?

We face lies on social media, not knowing who is financing them. We are inundated with PAC ads. The true source is concealed.

The answer is to demand that statements made be researched and either validated or refuted. As long as we accept lies we are endangered. Far too many accept anything said or written by individuals with whom they agree.

David Dorsey, Charlotte