Letters to the Editor

Gun control push must come from the bottom up

Push legislators to limit access to guns

In response to “Olympic, East Meck students arrested in firearm incidents” (Nov. 14):

More guns at CMS schools, articles daily on local gun violence, nationwide over 300 mass shootings this year.

Had enough? Looking for folks to blame? Just look in the mirror. That’s where to start. Until we voters demand that our legislators take legal steps to limit the availability of guns, the carnage and suffering will continue.

If you think attack weapons and handguns should not be freely available, start by telling your legislators in Congress and in Raleigh. Gun control is now my single most important issue and my elected representatives know it. Do your representatives know what’s important to you?

Robert D. Culbertson, Charlotte

If a student brings a gun, charge parents

When I was in school, mostly in the ’60s, I behaved because I knew if I got disciplined at school I would get more at home. And, I didn’t want my family name in the news.

We need to reverse the premise. If a student brings a weapon to school, arrest the student and the parents. Parents are missing a large part of their responsibility. Where are the parents?

Dennis Jones, Cornelius

Don’t let Whitaker squash Mueller probe

In response to “DOJ defends picking Whitaker as acting AG: (Nov. 15):

So President Trump has a clone, Matthew Whitaker, who is enamored with Trumpism and is now acting attorney general.

This new acting attorney general, which the Mueller investigation team now reports to, doesn’t believe the investigation is necessary. To ensure the investigation documentation survives, perhaps copies of the investigation results should be sent to a secure off-shore location.

It’s a shame that our country has the need for such an investigation and a greater shame that there are those who want to suppress it.

Bob Rudisill, Concord

Opportunity for voter fraud exists

In response to Our View “McCrory throws gas on the voter fraud fire” (Nov. 13 Editorial):

Your editorial misses the point of chance of fraud by students. Our son went to college in Georgia. He typically voted absentee in Mecklenburg County. But there was absolutely nothing to keep him from also registering to vote and voting in Georgia.

So, theoretically he could have voted twice in national races. Students should select one or the other. In most states there is no one checking to see if the students are also registered elsewhere and voting twice. Anybody say “voter fraud?”

Harry Eskridge, Charlotte

To secure vote, print out each voter’s picks

Ed Carlson
Ed Carlson

With voting security still an issue, why does Mecklenburg County not provide a printed receipt of one’s voting choices?

How many voters have left the voting machine with an uncomfortable feeling about their choices actually being recorded?

Receipts today are a common part of any electronic transaction. Printers are cheap and the software should be relatively simple to develop.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Respect is earned, not demanded

In response to “I can only laugh at Jim Acosta” (Nov. 15 Forum):

I have to laugh at the Forum writers attacking CNN reporter Jim Acosta for being aggressive and not having respect for Trump and the office of the president.

Since Trump took office, his regard for presidential protocol has been nonexistent.He feels he has the right to act and do as he pleases. He doesn’t give anyone the respect that he feels he should receive unless it’s beneficial for him, not the country.

Being at a press conference is a privilege, but so is being the president.

Let’s remember you can’t demand respect; it’s earned!

Barbara Cody, Charlotte

Set reasonable, not biased, press limits

Forum writer Don McIver is right that an administration can set controls on who gets into the limited space available at a press conference.

However, these controls have to be reasonable, not arbitrary, and can’t be based on perceived biases by the media.

If not, we can end up with the Trump administration only giving access to Fox News, Breitbart, and their ilk – with the same newscasters barred by a different administration.

Jerry Simon, Charlotte

Dalton brothers were a timely reminder

In response to “ ‘Defying the odds’ 4 brothers, all WWII veterans in their 90s: We’re not heroes” (Nov. 11):

In these days of rancor and disunity throughout the country, it is comforting to be reminded that there are still folks like the Dalton brothers among us.

Bill Grigg, Charlotte