Letters to the Editor

Harris is making all the wrong legal moves

I question Harris’ ethics in all this

In response to “Fight over 9th District election could drag on for months, with no one seated” (Jan. 4):

Geoffrey Planer
Geoffrey Planer

Mark Harris’ legal maneuvering, demanding certification of his “victory,” is precisely the wrong move.

While Mr. Harris is trying to claim innocence of any knowledge of McCrae Dowless’ conduct, shouldn’t he instead accept responsibility? After all, Dowless’ scheme of manipulating absentee ballots was known, having been used in prior elections.

Moreover, shouldn’t a candidate be held accountable for the campaign actions of his paid campaign workers?

If Mr. Harris cannot ethically navigate the waters of the local electoral process, how can he be expected to do so in the decidedly murkier depths of Washington, D.C.?

Geoffrey A. Planer, Gastonia

May be no need for a do-over in the 9th

Bill Wallace
Bill Wallace

In all of the talk, finger pointing, and calls for a new election we need a simple answer to a basic question: If Harris won by 905 votes, how many problem votes are actually involved?

If they are less than 905, then seat Harris and vigorously pursue those involved in the fraud over the past several election cycles on both sides.

If there are more than 905 votes involved, then call a new election right away and stop all this posturing.

Bill Wallace, Charlotte

Too early to judge Trump tax cut

Bill Girone
Bill Girone Marcos Aspiazu

In response to Paul Krugman “Trump’s tax cut: Even worse than you’ve heard” (Jan. 4 Opinion):

Beyond the psychological impact, no one can measure the benefit of any tax cut until the money has had the time to work its way into the economy.

The law took effect January 1, 2018. April 15, 2019 is when accounting of the benefits starts. Look for the results one to two years from then.

Of course the top 10 percent benefit initially. They pay 71 percent of the federal income taxes. In 2016, the bottom 50 percent paid 3 percent.

Paul Krugman’s premise, that we exist to serve the government, is what is most troubling. The government is here to secure our freedom and protect our rights, nothing more.

Bill Girone, Charlotte

Trump’s Syria decision alarms me

I am horrified by President Trump’s knee-jerk decision to withdraw troops from Syria, prompting the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

We are abandoning our Kurdish allies and 78 coalition nations in the fight to destroy ISIS. We are ceding regional influence to Turkey, Russia and Iran.

Trump is damaging our alliances and empowering our adversaries. Without Mattis, former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, our ship of state will be rudderless.

Joseph Salerno, Charlotte

Trump just keeping a campaign promise

I am curious why the president is getting so much grief about pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan. We seem to forget the Vietnam war, which accomplished nothing except getting 50,000-plus young men killed.

When is this country going to learn that we cannot be the world’s police force? We did not learn anything from the failed Russian involvement in Afghanistan.

President Trump promised troop withdrawals and now he is keeping his promise to the people.

Bill Hite, Indian Land, S.C.

Dems are a needed balance on Trump

In response to “Democrats only want to obstruct Trump” (Jan. 3 Forum):

I totally disagree with Forum writer Howard Honeycutt. The Democrats are doing their jobs by trying to be a check and balance against Trump.

I do not want my tax dollars paying for a wall that Trump said Mexico would pay for. Spend my tax dollars finding out if Russia and Trump worked together to get him elected.

Now that the Democrats have control of the House, you will see legislation that is going to benefit the masses of Americans.

Roscoe Trotman, Mint Hill

I blame both sides for this rancor

Why can’t we just get along!

Our legislative body needs to come together and keep our nation moving forward, not backward.

Why can’t we keep our government open and protect our borders? Why must we try to “best” one another in all things?

Never before have we seen the Democrats (my party) and the Republicans at each other’s necks like this to make sure neither gets its way.

I am embarrassed for both parties. You must do better for the good of our country, or else we won’t be a country but a war zone!

C. H. Hendricks, Charlotte